Gregory and Shelina 'Galaxy 1st Human Couple'Welcome to gregoryandshelina.com
Gregory and Shelina Thomas are authors, speakers, healers, psychics, and artists who were brought together as a chosen couple to help the healing grid around Earth, help souls to evolve and bring the lost ancient sacred histories along with the first human soul codes to humanity for their awakenings of light.

They are karmonic soul mates, the highest level of love, light and knowledge that twin souls can be, brought together and married by their angels and spiritual guides on 11/11/11 in an ancient Kanarian first human wedding which joined their energies together as one. This gives them the ability to access the highest dimensions for healing, the oldest soul history library records found in the Tartrinian and Akashic Libraries for empowerment, and direct link soul family communications with prophets, avatars, saints and souls who have lived in the past or are now living for enlightenment. Some of these other souls include their soul family with Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Saragon 11th Dimension and Nonamori 13th Dimension of the Upper Soul Council.

Learn about the nature of God, human creation, what the soul is, angels, spiritual guides are, what the soul really is, about other parts of yourself, your galactic family, ancient lost sacred histories and civilizations. You are invited have fun with them through their adventures of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, healing, peace and love as they share ‘Messages of Hope, Empowerment and Love’ from the highest dimension angels and guides including Saragon and Nonamori, Jesus, Mother Mary, Wife Mary Magdalene and many others.

Gregory and Shelina are karmonic soul direct links and the Earth’s only Kanarian 1st Creation Human couple bringing the oldest, most asked for and best loved ancient wisdom teachings, lost histories and highest dimension spiritual tools to ever be given to Earth.

Blessed to be in the same soul family as Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Leonardo da Vinci, Ghandi, Kwan Yin and others they have fun with many angels, guides, spiritual helpers and galactic friends giving them creation, love, soul, divine blueprints and attraction secrets from The Galactic Tartrinian Library.

Start your journey with either Earthly or Galactic teachings. Both areas give wisdom through history, science, spirituality, inspiration and art along with many social, romantic, and cultural things to enjoy.

Become empowered by knowing and accepting:

  • Your Upper Soul Council angelic guidance
  • Your sacred ancient galactic human ancestry
  • Your 1,720 other soul aspects on many dimensions
  • Your soul connection to the Great Creator with many God names

Become enlightened through connecting with:

  • Saragon 11th dimension, personal angelic soul code readings
  • Nonamori, 13th dimension, sacred galactic language meditations

Be entertained by opening your heart to:

  • Love stories from many other lifetimes and dimensions in the galaxy
  • Spiritual quotes and poetry spoken in other angelic languages

So Gotta La Mortee or Blessings to You in Kanarian 1st Human DNA Language

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