Love Messages From Water

by Shelina Thomas (of Gregory and Shelina) Masuru Emoto’s book Messages From Water shows how each cellular crystal is changed according to the hate or love energy it receives from music, words or geographical location. The most beautiful crystals are made from the thoughts of love and blessings. Those people setting down with the family together for dinner to say blessings for food, water, home, family, planet and of even pets are making a profound effect upon their lives and others by altering vibrations.

We, Gregory and Shelina, have learned that everything starts with intention. When we agreed to be married Gregory thought that he had to find colored candles but in the meantime I did a meditation using the different colors of the chakras and it was all that we needed. Later, we were told it was the intention that mattered. So what are your intentions for yourself, for others, for the generations to come? Our intentions are to have fun, keep loving each other, and share the most sacred and powerful ancient ancestral teachings with you so that you may feel loved, complete, empowered, enlightened, wise, joyful, blessed, grateful, pure, forgiven, amazed, connected, secure and peaceful. Now you can know that you are empowered for light is more powerful than dark, love is more powerful than hate, and peace is more powerful than war. Those that caused the 911 thought it would put people into fear and submission for a long time, but instead it sent a huge wave of love to those that had lost family around the entire planet. Humans in many different locations on Earth could feel it.

So think positive thoughts as the truths of our influence over other things and people is proven daily by many as shown by Messages From Water. At this time it is crucial for people to stay positive, neutral to drama, open minded to their connections to others and the Great Creator through the soul and look within for answers. Know that you are empowered through your creative mind, your higher dimensional angelic heritage, soul connections to the Great Creator, supportive angels and guides, and love for yourself. Be open to new things like The Jesus Opal a healing stone apparition, be ready to receive, forgive yourself and others, be grateful, bless yourself and your life, have good intentions, make new friends, look for role models and love on many levels. For once you learn how to make love messages from water into cellular crystals around you and around the world, fear will be dissolved and your life will be a celebration as it was meant to be.

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