Mother Mary Wishes for Mothers

Mothers Day 05/09/09 Mother Mary speaking through Gregory Thomas

Mother Mary Nursing Jesus by Guidoreni

Mother Mary Nursing Jesus by Guidoreni 1570-1640 (Click to Enlarge)

Hi this is Mother Mary and I haven’t communicated through Gregory and Shelina for 2 months.  The book of us talking about Jesus’ childhood and life, and mine, and Mary Magdalene’s is basically done along with how Gregory started talking to Jesus and the story of The Jesus Opal.  Now they just have to find the time to edit it.

I would like to say that sons and daughters around the world get frustrated, get angry and sometimes have a love and hate relationship with their mother, but I also know that mothers are not all perfect and they care about nothing more, usually, than about their children.  And that is one of their main purposes in life is to go through all the pains, dramas and sicknesses after that one night of creation, hopefully with love, to bring forth a continuation of the race of mankind.  And I like to think that even with all those temporary angers and frustrations that the children have for their mother at times that they will be remembered  as a mother that helped raise them, the children, the best they could.  Cause mothers will be mothers and mothers will always, no matter what age their children are, try to give advice.

So I am really glad about 2000 years later after Jesus was born, I’m glad to see the celebration around the world and the remembrance for mothers.  For whether we were good mothers and always there for you or we had a hard time having you and raising you, down deep in our hearts and minds we truly love the children that we helped bring into this world.  And one thing about most mothers is that they always want you to be the best that you can be but usually mothers will still love you even if you do things that are wrong in society.  They might not approve of what you do for mankind or yourself but there is always a deep love and I truly believe that those that are angry at their mothers and don’t want to talk to them or, I hate using the word hate, disapprove down deep inside at times still think of us and try to understand us as women and mothers that brought them on this planet.  For I don’t like to say it but without us, mothers, there would not be children with the consciousness, feelings and emotions to realize that we live on this beautiful planet with stars and that is our purpose in life along with many other things is to continue on and have children and love the best we can and believe in our children that they will grow up and sometimes think of us with respect and love.

I Mother Mary wish and bless you all a Happy Mother’s Day for there have been mothers since the beginning of time for the human race and actually that’s in all creatures.  We give of ourselves, our bodies that are quite beautiful when they are young and still beautiful in a different way and maybe not quite so young and a lot of our hopes and dreams to bring our children forth to carry on.  I did that with my son Jesus and I didn’t always understand him and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be one of the most famous mothers in the world, Mother Mary, mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so I would bless your mother for it’s not easy being one and thank her for bringing you into this world for she believed in you whether you are male or female, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are healthy to sick for that is her job.  You are her children.  God bless you all Mother Mary.

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