Atlantis Found

In the early morning hours on April 22, 2009, Earth Day, I was just sitting and I didn’t expect what was going to happen next as I picked up a pen and started drawing a funny shaped object on an envelope that turned out to be the island of Atlantis.  I was told this as an energy came through me talking as it always does with my other guides and angels. I have many visionary abilities as I am a clairvoyant telepathic communicator.  Some people call me a channeler but I am also a medium and a direct link along with my wife Shelina who is the empathic one.

He started talking to me and mentioned his name was Qwonamon and that he is part of our Upper Soul Council that we, Gregory and Shelina, have been teaching people about.  For the soul never dies but goes and then comes back through the life cycle again in either a male or a female body.  Quanamon explained to me that he lived 95,000 years ago in Atlantis and that Atlantis was around approximately 30,000 years even before he lived there.So I agreed to work with him as he said he wanted to give me the location and exact landmass of the islands as he was a mapmaker during those times like his father. He thought it would be a great gift for me to take down the information as Plato and many other people have been wrong about their prophecies.

Now remember I didn’t ask for this, it just came to me and I trust my guides and angels.  Later Shelina and I found out it was a surprise from Saragon, our 11th dimensional angelic guide, that loves to surprise us.  So I said ‘Well, let’s get a regular piece of paper” as I pulled out my sketchbook and proceeded to draw.  It is amazing how the drawings came through quite quickly to me and were close to scale.  So after a couple of nights of drawing and redrawing the islands of Atlantis it has begun a journey of learning one thing after another, as every night or every few nights he comes through again to share more.

So soon we will be able to share more with you about Atlantis, its location, history, people, scientific advancements, spirituality and technologies from 95,000 years ago.  In reality they were quite an advanced society. They did not go the direction of using carbon based economy like us but other directions. Since that time, the Earth has swallowed up much evidence and proof of history due to plate techtonics, earthquakes,  tsunamis, volcanoes and weather.  We do not control the Earth and it’s vegetation, we just cut it back so because vegetation always grows back it often hides any clues or proof to ancient mysteries.  I can tell you that Atlantis lasted a total of approximately 100,000 years and it did have the Temple of the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls. It is funny that we are given this history from Qwonamon while the space shuttle Atlantis has gone up to repair the Hubble telescope which we hope will keep going for a long time.  It has put many people in awe of The Milky Way Galaxy.  We can only hope that these maps and stories of Atlantis will do the same.

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