Galactic Federation Urgent Message

Pleiades 7 Sisters Star Cluster

Gregory was reading about the total enslaving and hijacking of the whole world with the new world order, the so called ruler group, the Bilderbergers or possibly Illuminati, that are also putting fear tactics in about 2012.  Most people don’t care what happens on more than their day to day survival basis and so this group or groups are working in many ways to make it a one world order and taking away freedoms of the people where they would have to do whatever the government and police state claims.  This is what Gregory was reading.  At that same time his upper guides and soul council and Galactic Federation said that they would not let that happen to the people of this world for every being has a certain percentage of free choice and decisions depending on their culture, lifestyle and abilities to live and make money.  That is the way of humans.  If that was truly taken away like they say, the soul that wants experiences would not be able to experience them for all would be equally the same and this world is a planet for evolutionary growth for the humans and human DNA and life on it. It has not been designed or given permission for any one group or culture to take over the whole world for it is being watched over and protected to a certain point with freedoms for many and advancements and learning to accept each other and slowly working together no matter what culture, color, creed or sex.

For evolutionary growth does not happen over night.  It is a learning and acceptance process and though many have tried to set it into one belief and conquer the world, it will not happen.  Only with the true acceptance of all beings, or the majority of humans on Earth, of agreeing upon it to have one leader, with everyone voting upon it, will the Galactic Federation allow that to open.  We do not believe that would ever happen and so again we say, we will not allow that to happen because it is not good for the world. We are not trying to control you but protect your innocence so you can grow and evolve on your own.

Gregory I know this is more than I started to say but since Shelina is typing it I wanted to explain it more.  One thing that will help fight against it on your own is to watch your leaders for it has been known and proven that all leaders in the past, no matter who they are, have lied and cheated for somebody’s financial gain throughout history on your planet.  You must step forward more and keep better track and not say “I’m going to drink beer and shoot the breeze with my friends and let other people take care of it”.  For if you do not become concerned, it is like Gregory’s father told him that  “You need to vote cause that is your right, which many in this world would give anything to be able to do, and, whether the person you vote for makes it into office or not at least you have given your opinion along with many others.  That also gives you the right to complain.  If you walk away and don’t vote during the time of government change, you have given up your right to complain or disagree on the outcome of how things are run in the about government or society.”  So you must be concerned and keep an eye on what happens.  It is your God given duty to become active. Become part of a growing world and societies and watch your government.  There’s many good people in the government but they need to be checked just like you check your grocery list receipt to make sure you didn’t get overcharged for that loaf of bread, candy bar, good beer or ice cream.  Every body can make mistakes but we can help double check and not let these things get away and out of hand.   Keep your hopes and dreams and freedom alive and active.  And for those that want to cheat and create a one world order and put massive amounts of controlled docile people in slavery and say who can do this and who can do that, The Galactic Federation will not allow that.  But you must show interest yourself and bless your enemies for enough love and blessing might also soften their hearts to realize they are human too. You never take that money with you when you die anyway.  So if you want money, treat your fellow human with respect as you would like to truly be treated.    That is life.  God bless you all.

Achamori from The Galactic Federation- one of the overseers of this planet.

Achamori is an amazing Peladian man in his 90’s.  He is a teacher, educator, politician and proud to be one of the guardians from the Galactic Federation to oversee the things on Earth.

We are here to stay out of the way, to advise you and make sure things don’t go crazy for you have enough to worry about with your global warming that was brought on by your carbon civilization which is getting worse and not better due to the third world countries and the burning of your rain forest for fast money and destroying the weather which those people don’t care about.  The Earth goes through cycles too and the sunspots.  These all tie in to changes in your life and the Earth’s life that have been going on for millions of years.  But you were one of the major contributors that started the whole process over the last century throwing out carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals and cutting down approximately 1/3 or of the forests or more on this planet already, and contaminating your water sources and air quality.  You are breathing less oxygen than you did in the 1930’s or 1940’s. That adds up to a carefree attitude towards other life except their own, caring only for the profits and gains of certain people and groups.  So if you cannot persuade them to change their ways you must get rid of them in controlling and financial positions for the better order and survival of the people of Earth. For many that do this it is a challenge and a game.  There is plenty of opportunity for many people to be rewarded financially without having to steal from the masses.  We cannot outright handle it ourselves, that is part of our creed but there are spiritual means that we can stop things from happening on basically a nonphysical presence.  I cannot go into that.  Many of these deceptive people are deceased already, but I believe the human race can turn it down to help many by slowing down the population growth so there is no growth, but bring down the population of 7.5 billion to 2/3 size about 5 billion in the next 40 years.  You must allow your oceans to restock themselves and natural resources to flourish for your survival.  Tremendous growth puts tremendous pressure on the Earth.

Remember when you are gone the Earth will live on without you and most truly believe the human population will never disappear completely on this planet for thousands of years, who can really tell the future of a changing world.  The only thing that is guaranteed in your life is change once you are born.  No guarantee on how long you will live if you will find wealth, good health or happiness.  There is only change and you are your own mini gods connected to the Great God Source that allows you to be mini gods to create your own life for yourself and others.  Yet in reality when you create life for yourself, you are even more of a creator as Gods to help mankind move ahead as you move ahead.  For whether you believe it or not you need mankind you can’t do it alone. You need mankind and womankind or else there won’t be anymore children after you.  Bless you all again.  That is all for now. Ashamori from The Galactic Federation

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