How Lost Souls Cross Over I

Gregory and Shelina did a major grounding and healing for the people of WWII and all those that were part of the Holocaust with the death of all the Jews and many others on Earth.  Even tonight on TV they saw the American Nazis and in reality you’re all part of God and you’re all brothers and sisters no matter what your belief.  White supremacy is no better than Black supremacy or Mexican supremacy or Oriental or any other nationality.  You just come and mix colors and cultures.  You are all part of the God Source and have a soul.

But back then the holocaust happened in WWII and there were many souls, even though many have been helping them, that had not crossed over.  And with this most of the soul really has crossed over, it’s just an a small part of your soul aspect that maintains to collect the data after you pass on of who, what, where you were and the kind of person you were with some of the major highlights.

Of course they tend to wander and that part has to be given up and released by the body itself.  And some of those that were burned, blown up right away or killed with such a surprise are stuck there unless people like Gregory and Shelina and many other psychics and spiritualists work to help them over and cross over to the light.

So with that, there is a small aspect of the soul that is still left there with the body or essence, and sometimes it is not willing to let go or release to cross over later so it gets lost in the way through the tunnel.  There are many many reasons to get lost and I don’t know them all.  The small soul aspect that was left with the body wishes to be united with the rest of that soul but the soul that’s on the other side and crossed over can’t finish it’s job of analyzing that life, and so it in itself is in limbo even though it is one part of 1,720 parts of itself.  It’s unable to finish that job that it was meant to do.

And with that other part of the soul gone that spirit on Earth that is still floating around and in limbo on the physical planet even though it’s not physical has no connection to the God Source anymore.  It is I guess some people would say a zombie without a soul yet it really isn’t and sometimes they are quite angry and like in houses they are frustrated and they want to move on and the only thing they have is the house they lived and died in and that’s why there are ghosts in houses in some places and not just houses but throughout the lands and buildings.

So when you ask that soul to just let go in aspect and trust, you are carrying it over personally with your soul helping to direct these aspects into the light but your soul doesn’t go through the light just up to the light.  So you do not go through and usually they are looking for somebody with the capabilities of that because many have been taught that there is hell and it is stuck in their minds.  There is no real hell.  The hell is what you present on Earth and what you perceive it to be due to the religious leaders and many in war time or through the Holocaust at that time they were taught that there is damnation and hell and they are afraid to go through that light, you understand and so you work with that and you bless them and you tell them that it is ok and you ground them.  You physically visualize all those souls together like in a bag like a Santa Claus bag or a corral together but not holding them.  They are on their own and you visualize a grounding of all their negative energies and fears and pains and delusionment of where and what they are cause for many they do not know where they are. (Please see Part II How Lost Souls Cross Over) Love and blessings, Saragon 11th Dimensional Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality

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