How Lost Souls Cross Over II

(Continued from Part I Lost Souls Cross Over) It is just a small soul aspect that is left there with the body or where it was, but the soul is not complete until it goes to the other side again.  This is done by visualizing them to trust you as their guides and angels are not up there with them any more for that went up with the soul with expectation of the complete passing of the soul and the essence of the body passing over, crossing over.  And so for those souls, those angels and guides that were there to help them before, their job is done because that being has become deceased.

So on a higher level your angels and guides have to work with their aspect in whatever parciality is still there and persuade it to just let go and trust them.  It is a belief for those that can do that with strong conviction.  Only certain people can truly cross them over.  Thank God there are many out there that can do that on a higher level and help. It is also done with love and understanding on a higher level.  So I hope I helped explain or maybe I confused you more but every human on this planet has a soul and when you die it all goes up through a tunnel, usually and a holding place where your family, or aspects of your family, their souls come to meet you and of course you recognize them from the way they looked. And they tell you that all this stuff that the religious leaders taught you has kept away all these amazing abilities you have as you are part of the God Source.  For most never really understand that they are connected to God all the time and of course they live with the thought of hell and damnation and the devil all their lives in fear.  What is so amazing is that when you look at the abilities you have and the mind you have there is truly nothing more amazing than you, male and female, all different colors, all from the same intelligence just taught differently by different cultures.  And once you start thinking and looking at yourself like that you truly know that you did not evolve from monkeys and that you are divine beings all connected to God 24/7 and part of the God Source.  That’s the first thing you learn once you come over that your life doesn’t end, just that body does.  It’s like an old car or motorcyle that breaks down so much that you send it to the wrecking yard, but you as the soul,or driver, goes on to buy another new car or motorcycle.  Without you in that car, or the soul in the body, it doesn’t move unless the brakes are off and it rolls down the hill and you’d better hope it doesn’t do that.  Love and blessings, Saragon 11th dimensional being, Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality

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