Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is a major expression heard in today’s modern world. Made famous by Abraham who is a direct link through Jerry and Ester Hicks, and then again by the movie The Secret, it has helped many and hurt others. According to some it is based on Quantuam Physics while others claim that scientists disagree with it. Using the word law with spiritual teachings makes it sound like a solid steady thing which will always produce the same results but that is not possible. We are told by Saragon, our 11th dimensional spiritual guide and Master of Soul Science and Spirituality, that if there were a natural law it would be The Law of Change. For everything changes as change is the only thing you can count on.

As we accept that change always happens it is important to keep our attention in the current moment. It is there that we have personal power to help direct change towards a specific outcome, but still that specific outcome is not always guaranteed. After all, we are spiritual beings that are born with a physical genetic lineage that includes the mental and emotional memories from 7 generations before us. Not only that, but we have a soul lineage that we incarnate with. Most of the memories are cleared but sometimes small amounts of personality traits come through, even from other lifetimes as higher dimensional intelligent species with a soul, that are connected to God also, in The Milky Way Galaxy.

So when manifesting always ask your angels and guides to “Bring this or something better into my life” and keep working towards your goals with an open mind. There may be another positive possibility that you have not have considered. During these times when many people are being laid off, there is an opportunity for people to come together and be creative, perhaps to start community gardens, become foster grandparents, write books about their life experiences and wisdom, become a tutor for students, learn a different language to be a translator, become physically fit by walking more with friends, or helping others learn how to eat healthier. See what these students are doing.  See and be the inspiration which is around you and within you.  We are anxious to hear what creative ideas you have manifested for your life or that your guides and angels have brought to you.  With love and blessings, Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina)

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