Fathers Day Wish from Father Joseph

Joseph Father of Jesus

Joseph Father of Jesus

Hi I am Joseph father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  I am looking through Gregory’s eyes and I see he is drawing Atlantis.  You know in my time I never heard anything about it but I know it was real because once you pass over the veil and pass on of course you can look up any information you want to you have access to all the records, the Akashic Records and Tartrinian Library.  I came on so you can put this on about me talking about Father’s Day that life in those days compared to now days in many ways are very similar.  By that I say that as a father with a young child, a father has his duties of teaching his children, just like the mother and passing on his knowledge.  And at that time I was interested in the regular church itself the Hebrew belief but also I was interested in other things and so I went to the Essenes which of course you have all heard and read about lately.  I checked out a couple other ones too.  Plus John the Baptist, of course, is in my lineage and so I also checked him out.  The thing is we always want our children to be at least as good as we are and to actually work to excel.  Of course on my side of the family we were well to do but so was the family of Mother Mary and Jesus.  They weren’t poor.  So life was of course easier for them than it would be for other children.  Back then we did not celebrate the day for the fathers but we celebrated a day for life by celebrations and rituals and of course our one true Father for all of us is the Great Creator or as we know him God.  He is the father to us all.  Even now days with many more different beliefs than there were back then I think for he is the father of all life to give thanks to and he is in each and every one of us.  And I know you women say God is a woman and at that time, of course, I was not taught that.  But in reality God is truly a she/he or a he/she.  Since it’s Father’s Day we should say he/she, and he can be whatever he wants for whoever, whether they want a male or female, or maybe that is how they can accept God.  But at the moment since it is Father’s Day in a couple days let’s say that God is a he and Mother Mary can change it to a she next year.

So I never told you this but this will blow your minds I guess for now days that I saw one time and never connected it until I started listening to Gregory about Atlantis on YouTube but I told you that I had an angel come to me or an energy or at least I saw him to name Jesus or the newborn baby Jesus and it was a recommendation but it wasn’t that I had to.  For they knew that I was then going to be the father of the child but I was also told that they had talked to Mary and that they thought it was a very good name for the young boy who everybody knows as Jesus.  As a father I could not have been any more proud to have a son as Jesus.  He was a good child, same as my other children that God allowed me to have.  He treated me as a real father and of course he didn’t know any difference until he was 8 or 9.

(Joseph shared his experience seeing a UFO and that will be shared later-Joseph continues speaking) “Sorry we didn’t have a camera back then, but if you ask Jesus he would say the same of what I say.  Jesus replies ‘Yes, Father I did.  I am so glad you are helping us to write this book cause you are part of the family and to me in every way you are my father, the only man I held higher than that was God himself.”  Joseph speaks to us again, “So I want to bless everybody.  Jesus says that too, to all males that are fathers of some type on Fathers’ Day and then sometimes the mothers are fathers and fathers are mothers, bless them, and grandparents.

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