Prayer for Peace

Angelic Symbol for Peace from Saragon 11th Dimension

Angelic Symbol for Peace from Saragon 11th Dimension

We ask that all guides and angels help people to find peace as they sleep so they may know what it is like, to cherish it, to know it exists and realize that they can be an ‘instrument of peace’ sometimes without even trying.  For it is not something that can be made in a store and sold, it must be accepted, sometimes without even trying.  Help us to start our day by making positive intentions and conscious choices- starting with respecting and loving ourselves first, reviewing our actions and their consequences, learning to accept others for who they are even if they are different and we do not understand them, knowing that we are all connected to God through the soul and working to become an active social model through encouragement to handle change by dissolving fear into hope and confusion into love in order to help and support the many.  For by inspiring others, we are blessed with this feeling of peace and by empowering others we are blessed with the divine wisdom that all are loved, for life is an experience, only an experience. With love and blessings to all.. Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina)

Everest Peace Project -Kids Peace Contest

This is an Essay Contest from Everest Peace Project for Children

We are having an essay writing contest for kids. (Although this is a “contest” – there are no losers and we encourage all kids to submit their writing)

We would like to receive an essay (1000 words or less) on one of the following topics:

1. How would you bring peace to the world?
2. What does Peace mean to you?
3. What would a world without war be like?
4. Have you been personally affected by war?
5. Or – Come up with topic of your own choosing.

This is Poems for Peace Contest for children (from Everest Peace Project)

Please send in your Peace Poems – as many as you like and as long as you like – but these must be focused on the issue of Peace.

*We will be choosing several winners for our Poems and Essay Contest who will win an award, a special prize, and the winning essays and poems will be posting on our web site for the world to see! We encourage everyone to share their writing with us!

Group A: For Children 5 to 12 years of age
Group B: For Children 13 to 18 years of age

The Everest Peace Project
4287 NW Chanticleer Dr. #A1
Portland, OR 97229

Their email is on the link.

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