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A Hug From Jesus

A Hug From Jesus

Jesus, who is in the same soul family as Gregory and Shelina Thomas and speaks through Gregory has been patiently waiting for his life memoirs to be completed by them, so in the meantime he talks on Twitter and this blog. This is the only way that he will speak to the world at this time as his original soul aspect has already done the experience of being Jesus on Earth and will not return as a human.  He, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and lately Father Joseph are all working together to share their complete life memoirs including the lost years with Earth.  They tried 1000 years ago but the message was stopped.  So they are asking for your love and blessings to complete their desire this time to help share the teachings that we are all part of God and that there are other parts to our soul which live on many other dimensions throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.  Any support to help them bring these blessings of love, healing and empowerment to all on the Earth would be appreciated whether it be prayers, volunteering or donations.  With love and blessings to all…

Jesus speaking: “So if you can learn to laugh at life, it’s little instances and know they are usually temporary and send love and peace to that energy, plus hugs from somebody even if you are by yourself and have to wrap your arms and visualize somebody hugging you, do that every day and look in the mirror and say “I love myself for who and what I am”, you will start noticing a difference in yourself. For you are part of God, mini-gods, and you create your own environment. For if you radiate it and explain to others what you did, it can become like a virus and go around the world and if everybody on Twitter or other places on the web or in their communities whether they believe in me or not would do that and bless everybody and say “I love my life, I love who I am”, imagine the unbelievable energy that would surround the Earth and we could move mountains of hate and anger and corruption.  For it is truly hard to be that way, corrupt and hateful- and really mean it, when you love your fellow man and want to share.  Be at peace. God bless all those in this world no matter what they believe”. – Jesus

Shelina- Here are some of the ‘twits’ from Jesus that were shared on Twitter under our Gregory and Shelina account called ‘lifeinthegalaxy’ before the article above.  It was then that we needed to blog instead of twit.  It’s funny as I type as fast as I can yet 140 characters is just not enough, so that’s when this blog posting started.

Jesus speaking:

Sometimes I am in total awe of how many people believe in me over 2000 years even though they don’t know the true me-Jesus

People do know I taught peace, love, kindness and giving for they are all my brothers and sisters in this world and I love them all-Jesus

For we are all connected to the God Source and I really like this song by Michael, it even put tears in my eyes through Gregory http://bit.ly/i9W1T

As I have given my true story of life and family through Gregory and Shelina, who truly believe the same as I-Jesus

If all could give out peace, love and sharing you could change the world for true love is stronger than hate by 10 fold-Jesus

In reality it is easier to love than hate for your mind become calm and peaceful, with hate it just eats at you-Jesus

Hate eats at your emotions, your intellect, your health and it is hard on your body, love is a proven tool to heal & bring joy in your life-Jesus

Information may be shared if credit is given.

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