Father Joseph Sees UFO Sky Wheels


Caravans 1931

Father Joseph gave a Father’s Day message and say Gregory drawing Atlantis UFOs so it reminded him of his UFO experience.  Here is Part II of that Father’s Day Message.  Part III will continue about the experience of Jesus with UFOs as told by Father Joseph.  The photo shows a 1931 caravan but it was similar to the way that Father Joseph traveled with camels, but no bicycle.

Father Joseph speaks:  I’m not sure of the date but when I was out traveling one night and Jesus was not around, he was around 6 years old and I was coming back by caravan to Ethiopia.  It was I, myself, the caravaners and the old man.  His name was Sariakan. He was Arab, and, of course, on caravans we had many helpers at times.  He was the leader of the caravan for my father and my brother, the main owners of the trading company.

We were just sitting around a campfire one night looking up into the sky.  Usually we would be at bed around that time but we both wandered off a little ways together just past the tents, and of course we always carried weapons with us everywhere we went, but we knew we were safe there as we weren’t’ the only caravan stopped at this watering hole and you could hear the music playing from the flutes and few other things.  It was like a small celebration.  Sometimes caravans would come together and if they knew each other in passing they would have small celebrations and I was on my way back home towards northern Ethiopia and we were still a few days away.

We could see the moon and the stars in the sky and all of a sudden he looked up and above us believe it or not was this wheeled disk that had lights on it.  It had slowed down at a distance.  I can only imagine by distances and trying to compare to footage but it looked like it had to be close to 100 feet in diameter and it slowed down over our whole encampment off in a distance and just stood there and a light actually came down and touched the ground like it was looking for something but it wasn’t coming for us.  Right behind it were two other ones and I can’t even tell you the distance but we would look at them and say that they were ‘wheels with lights on them or lanterns’ in those days.  The other two just stayed slightly still.  For it must have been a few moments and the light came over and slowly lit up the whole camp after we first discovered it and they went over us slowly and it lit up the waters of the watering hole and then it sped off.  I guess that’s what you’d say, and went in an easterly direction I guess that’s what we’d say cause it didn’t go towards the Nile it went away from the Nile which was several miles away from us and the other two ships followed a few seconds later.

And of course at that time we didn’t know what they were- ‘sky wheels or sky chariots’.  The other people were so busy that not everybody saw them but a few did and of course that was my first time ever of seeing them in the sky.  So Sariakan and I went back and sat and had tea and talked and he told me that as he traveled, even sometimes traveling at night when there would be no moon and the stars were dark due to cloud cover, that every so often they would see them and they would stop a lot of times.  And, he knew they were not what you would call shooting stars but they would sometimes travel in the sky and make real fast turns almost like they were playing ‘tag or cat and mouse’ what you call now days.  They would come around and stay for a couple minutes. The longest they saw them was for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and they wouldn’t act like birds or bats and they always lit up from some kind of lantern.

Of course I’d never seen them before but I told Jesus of that and it’s like he understood when he was 11 or 12 years old.  I told him about that and in a way inside, without knowing, we were fascinated.  Yet we were scared cause we had no idea and I can understand people that they don’t know what anything is that they will take it as aggressive from the animal instincts of protection that we have. I never saw them again in my life but other caravanners did over the years.

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