Father Joseph Shares Jesus UFO Story

Light Wheels

Blue Fractal like the Sky Wheels of Light

This is part 3 of the Father’s Day Message from Joseph, father of Jesus speaking through Gregory.  See Part 1 and Part 2 for more.

Father Joseph talking- When Jesus was 11 or 12, I told him about the lights I saw in the sky with the caravaners and how we were fascinated but scared cause we didn’t know what they were.  Of course Jesus had guides and angels and he tried to tell me that we are not alone in the galaxy, though I couldn’t understand to the depth of my son Jesus.  Even the other two brothers listened for I had never told either James or Joseph and we were all out at that time late at night with the campfire and that’s when the story came up about the ‘sky wheels’.  We were taking a delivery of wood and goods to build a property for a wealthy Roman leader, one of the leaders, and we were just caught up delivering a load along with a couple others.  As I mentioned I did construction and we would build.

Another time, jumping way ahead now, Jesus comes back at 13 years old after a caravan trip with his brother Joseph and his cousin Armin and they were gone up towards Turkey which in those days he would only be gone maybe a couple weeks.  But he was quite the young man and he takes me aside, along with Armin, and they both sit and tell me this story.  They were out late one night and they were coming into the place where caravans come in for protection as they were all along these roads where the caravans could rest and they didn’t have to worry about being robbed or killings and I would of course allow Jesus to be by himself at that age and Armin. So they told me they looked up in the sky and they could see the stars and they said they were about 1/2 mile from coming in to spend the night and it was of course nearing the late fall nights.  It would get cold there.  So they were excited to get there and they looked in the sky and you would never see anything in the sky except bats or birds or insects that moved and it was getting close to dusk but they were hoping to get there and they looked up and they saw two round disks and of course I told him that I called them ‘sky wheels’.

He, Jesus, told me “We moved in slowly and it was like they stopped to watch us as we were moving in the caravan and we just happened to look up and they stopped for maybe 20 to 30 seconds and then took off.  It was hard to tell the distance maybe a couple hundred feet away and the diameter, hard telling, size of a small corral probably 30 to 40 feet across, and when they took off they just went straight up in the air and within a matter of seconds they just zoomed off to my left”.

From Father Joseph-I bet he didn’t tell you that story, did he? And in reality if Greg wasn’t doing research on some of these UFO ships in Atlantis, I wouldn’t have remember it.  So that would be one of the first recorded sightings. Sorry we didn’t have a camera back then but if you ask Jesus he would say the same of what I say.

(Jesus then started speaking through Gregory) “Yes father I did.  I am so glad you are helping us to write these memoirs, cause you are part of the family and to me in every way you are my father.  The only thing I held higher was God’s love”.

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