Jesus Shares Sirian Last Life

Jesus In A Nebula

Jesus In A Nebula (Its not really me- but I like it! - Jesus speaking thru Gregory)

The original soul aspect of Jesus, in the same soul family as Gregory and Shelina Thomas, speaks through Gregory and shares his last soul incarnation or lifetime:

Jesus speaks:  In my last lifetime my name was Amacarra and I was from Sirius in the constellation Canis Major.  I never married but died of an injury at about 23 years old from a head injury.  It was bad and no one was around to help. I had 2 best friends that were experienced climbers and we went out on hiking trips to beautiful places.  Many planets have National Environmental Reserves.  This would have been during the time of World War II on Earth, around the time Gregory was born, anywhere from 1949 to 1952.  Shonnok was the young man that was ahead of me and Manorran was behind and we were climbing this stone face.  They put me in between and we were probably 150 to 200 feet up, half way up.  It was only my third or fourth climb with my buddies when the rope broke just in front of me.  It shouldn’t have broke, but it did and I fell off and, of course, as I did Manorran behind me didn’t have a good enough foot hold and it pulled both of us off. I was larger than him and we both fell.  Shonnok couldn’t do anything about it at that height and it took him minutes to come down.  I split my head and the other, Manorran, fell into some bushes and broke a leg but was alright and believe it or not I wasn’t far from the bushes but I landed on a pointed rock.  It crushed my brain and I went into a coma and then died within minutes.  My buddy got down and I had time to talk to him and said it was nobodies fault.  I saw the rope break in front of me.  It just snapped which it shouldn’t have.

Sometimes lives don’t last a long time but you always go back with the soul to try again.  I will have another lifetime again probably in the middle of the century.  I am in no hurry since I want to help the people of Earth and spend time with Gregory and Shelina.  On other planets and other lives I am a spiritual guide and work to help others evolve and grow but not as Jesus.  In one place I am helping out now my name is Meltorra and another its Shomokka and for another I am a female aspect named Aleen so I am one of the spiritual ones.  For as you help others you can evolve.  Blessings to All, Jesus of Nazareth

copyright 2009 Gregory and Shelina Thomas

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