Mary Magdalene Shares Jesus Love Letter

I was a young girl when I met Jesus and by the time I was 11 he was gone on his journeys to other countries at the age of 15.  Here is one of the many love letters that he sent back to me through his family working the caravans. We both loved each other deeply from a young age and are in the same soul family, just as Gregory and Shelina are also in our soul family and brought together by their angels and guides.

“For Mary, you are still a young girl growing into a woman and my heart has been yours since you were young but has been opened for you to make your choices of who you want to be with and what you want to do. So Mary I enjoy being with you. Most of all I think of you and how much older and taller and more developed you must be. You were beautiful when I first met you at 10 and I am sure at 12 and 13 you are more beautiful yet. Again my heart thinks and I feel you as we connect again at night and even though I have God’s love, I still sometimes think because we are connected with our hearts that we protect each other and my heart is growing for you day in and day out as I try to visualize your daily life and what you’re all about. I taught you how to communicate with me telepathically and by now it’s been a year and a half and we should be able to see and be there with each other on a higher level. For some day I hope to betroth you and you become my wife and then hopefully I can hold you for the rest of my life. I know you’re still very young and you have many choices to make and I hope that when I see you, you will feel my love and my heart and you will not break it. For I know this is not just you and me and I know you feel it too. Just sleep good tonight and remember that wooden flower I gave you. Love and your possible future, Jesus.” Copyright 2009 Gregory and Shelina Thomas Look for more love letters from Jesus to Mary in the soon to be released Jesus Memoirs Book.

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2 comments to Mary Magdalene Shares Jesus Love Letter

  • Chimene Lancaster

    This is such a beautiful letter and it only affirms everything I believe and know about Jesus and Mary. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was truly touched. =)♥ ~Chimene~

  • jessica bruce

    i really believe that they were married.i mean come on.you can see that they really loved each other.but this letter is one of the most love letter i ever read.

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