Everyone has guardian angels whether they believe in God or not. Some call them guides and they connect in through the soul as the soul connects in through the conscious and subconscious. They are there to help you in childhood and many have spoken that they were saved by their guardian angels or pulled from an accident in an emergency by them. As an example I was coming home late one night, tired, when the roads had black ice and my truck hit the ice and started sliding with a semi-truck behind me. It was about 150 feet back going as fast as I was. So I hit the guardrail at such an angle that it pushed me back out in front of that semi and made two turns. Then I said “Please God help me and take care of my family” as I saw the front of the semi-truck maybe 30 feet from me traveling at least 60 miles an hour. He was too close to switch lanes so I was shoved right out into the path of that semi-truck as I looked at the grill and the lights coming at me.

I know and believe with every ounce of my body that is breathing now that if that truck would have hit me he would have hit me on the driver’s side door and I wouldn’t be speaking now. I truly believe that something pulled me through that truck cause the last thing I remembered was turning in the truck and then I looked up and saw the semi-truck in front of me. and he stopped approximately 200 feet ahead of me and walked back to me. I barely scraped the rail and my truck had very little damage which surprised me. He said “I can’t believe what happened.” Meanwhile I was so scared I was like a baby and wet my pants. The truckdriver said he almost did too. So I thanked him for veering away and not hitting me somehow and he said “I had no time. I thought I was going to hit you.” He didn’t know what had happened. So he said he had to go and we both thanked God. I think that night it blew both of our minds. If he would have hit me it would have caused a wreck for him too.I must have sat alongside the road for at least 10 to 15 minutes and I called a friend to tell her what had happened that I would be in a little later and she said “I know people who have been through miracles like that. It happens”.

I think an angel lifted me up or made me invisible as I went through the truck. It had to be a guardian angel. We have two guardian angels, one when we are younger and another when we go past puberty and they are part of our upper soul. depending on what happens, they have the ability to materialize or dematerialzie a human being cause we’re all energy and we’re all atoms. I have heard many other stories like that from all over the world about people whose lives have been saved when it looked like there was no way they would be saved. There have been other times when my life was saved too. We would love to hear your miracle stories if you’d like to share. With blessings for all Gregory Thomas

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