Jesus New Year Message 2010

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth

From Jesus Speaking Through Gregory: “This year, beginning of a decade, is a great year to keep adding more people to the list of those that want peace and to accept others. For, remember that mustard seed, how small it is, but look what one seed can do over time. It can grow a whole field if given a chance. Only love and acceptance as I taught 2000 years ago and am teaching today through Gregory and Shelina will give us all the ability for the world to grow in peace. It does not believe that one religion is better than another for each one out there has it’s good points and bad points. Just as human life must have its variables to grow, you must learn to accept each others cultures and life styles no matter what they are and learn to come together for peace, love through acceptance and the environment. For God created all of you no matter what your beliefs are and he knew that he would be worshiped in many ways and styles. So you are all mini-Gods of the Great God. That means you can create a new future and no one person on this planet no matter how poor, intelligent or wealthy they are has any right to control another human being. God bless You. Jesus Of Nazareth through Gregory

2010 could be a great year for everyone to love and like themselves and know they can change. For, God is with you always, but he only helps the sincere that truly believe in him and rewards those that do- no matter how big or small the changes in their thoughts and understandings of accepting themselves and others. He is not to be taken for granted but gives you helpers, angels and guides, that everyone on Earth has. So let’s make this a better world in the next decade and make the environment cleaner and healthier and safer. God Bless All. Amen

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