Jesus Speaks-The Shoes I Wore

Gregory At The Beach With His Sandals

Gregory laughs as Jesus told him he was riding his back.

I, Shelina, being as curious as I am, asked Jesus, as he speaks through Gregory what shoes he wore in his lifetime.

He answered “I wore many different types of sandals and when I was caravaning at times we’d wear leather sandals with cloth wrapped around it to protect our legs or calves up to our robe. I even wore leather boots that were very simply made to help protect, depending upon the area I was traveling to at the time. Then during the winter time, when I was in Tibet, I wore a hide boot insulated inside and outside with fur from the yak to keep our feet warm. Sometimes there was a tubular type sock that we wore. There were many ways from many different tribes to stay warm. Also I loved to go barefoot especially in the moist areas where I could walk by the beach and that’s how I was when I walked on the water.”

“I was joking with Gregory when he asked a question about the poem where I carry people on my back. I kidded him that everybody prays to me to help them but hardly anybody asks what they can do for me. So when he was walking on the beach the other night along the ocean and was down and troubled I told him I figured that he could carry me for a short distance while I tried to give him God’s love and peace for he often asks ‘What can I do for you Jesus?’. On the way home, and it was a nice walk, I noticed he was in a much better mood. Another thing is ever since I started speaking through Gregory he has been wearing sandals 90% of the time and he never thought about it until Shelina mentioned it.”

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