Jesus Speaks- The Healing Hut

Hi this is Jesus- When I was around 10 years old, people knew that I had done some healing. We lived between a mile and a mile and a half out of town where my Father Joseph had a cabinet shop and a construction company with a nice shop to work in as he owned land. For my Father Joseph was part of the lineage of David. So he was not poor. So the family decided to build a healing hut by a large tree with lots of shade across the road from our home. The family decided it would be safer there. It had six posts with a simple stick frame and a canvas cover backdrop that went to the ground. Ropes held the canvas down so it wouldn’t blow over and it about 6 feet deep by 12 feet long. Father Joseph built a couple simple long benches and a small table. Mother Mary and the others would make simple mugs for the people sitting and waiting to be healed to drink water from. She loved making pottery and made a pitcher and vase for the healing hut too. They were then told “After you are done with the mugs, please put them in this clay pot full of water.” Then they would be washed. They never just gave it to somebody else. I just thought- was I one of the first doctor offices? When I didn’t use it the family would sell extra produce there but we always grounded and cleared all the negative energies of sickness first by blessing it.

I would go out after I had my meal in the morning once a week and sometimes there were maybe 30 people in line and setting by the tree so they had shade and they would wait for me to touch them and work on them. I worked on all ages. They would come from other towns and people heard about me cause there were quite a few communities around there from what you would call 5 to 10 miles away and they would set on the benches. So Mother Mary and sometimes the other relatives would come out and help the sick and help take care of them as I would put my hands on them. Usually I didn’t quit and they brought food out for me to eat. Sometimes during that healing time too if the day wasn’t real warm Mother Mary and a couple servants or the children, would bring cups of soup out, vegetable style for the people. To me it was fun helping people out and the people that were exhausted would always go away feeling much better.

Now you must realize that I was able to heal most of them as I told them “I am just the receiver of God’s love and healing ability. He needs a receiver and I am his receiver” and so with those that came I asked if they would pray with me to God if they were well enough. I didn’t ask that they understand because most of them didn’t understand my teachings but just accepted and received. Sometimes I could do some good and sometimes they got angry at me and said “I heard you can heal.” I was very much protected as my older stepbrothers were there to make sure everything was ok and if they got mad and grabbed me we would send them away but that was very rare.

One thing I learned is that people said “Well, why isn’t it gone right away?” and sometimes it took months for that healing to straighten itself out and sometimes it was instantaneous and this went on. There were some I just couldn’t heal but there were more I could and my family was very proud of me. With love and blessings.. Jesus of Nazareth

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  • Chris Atkinson

    Hey Shelina

    Chris Atkinson here from facebook..just thought i’d pop in to say hi..I appreciate your heart that is motivated to help others in your writings

    Blessing & Peace to you in Jesus Name

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