Happy Mothers Day from Mother Mary

Renoir: Gladiolas and Roses

Happy Mother’s Day to everybody- including myself. This is Mother Mary talking through Gregory who is a direct link for myself, Jesus and Mary Magdalene- my daughter in law. Maybe next year Mary Magdalene will talk about herself being a mother.

Of course, for thousands of years mothers were just mothers. It was just part of life. For without us there would no children or fathers or future children and it was a thankless job. In those days there weren’t floral shops but I’ll tell you Joseph and I were very much in love. It was not like some said that we weren’t lovers for we were very much lovers and I had several other children including one that was a stillbirth after Jesus. That happened a lot in those days, for conditions were hard for many and life wasn’t as easy as it is now days for some.  I had several other children and it was a great pleasure. For once we ladies get married that desire comes in to have children. I got married at 17 when Joseph was 27. It is a natural process of continuing on our species. It was fun.

I always had fun with Jesus and the others as Jesus loved helping me make breads and he had fun playing with the dough and patting it. Of course raw bread dough is not the best thing to eat as mothers know but he would always sneak a piece or two away from me. At that time our bread was a flat bread. We’d have an oven outside usually. For us, we had it where we could use it outside or inside due to the cooler weather and it went right through the wall and at times it was used to help heat up the area.  We put the bread dough on the side of the oven by throwing it there, then after baking it would fall down on a grate. Then we’d pull it out. Of course at that time there were many different types of flat bread we could make and mix with grains. There was no such thing as bleached flour so our breads were much healthier than they are now. We’d put different fruits and nuts, cut very small, in them to mix in with the dough. It made thicker bread and we had quite a few varieties whenever we put other fruits and nuts into it.

Of course Jesus and the other children would always try to grab a handful of them and even the dried grapes which back then we didn’t call raisins but the kids always ate well, at least in our family. We usually ate what was in season and what could be saved.

For you see Joseph’s family was not poor and both he and I we were a way down the line branch of King David and Abraham lineage. It was so many generations back then that we’d be like a leaf on a tree (ha ha) but we were able to feed our family well. Though we did not have a distinct Mother’s Day Jesus and the other children knew I loved flowers and every so often, when the flowers were in bloom during the seasons, they would pick these little bouquets and bring it back for me to put into a clay mug. They would set at the center of the table where we ate. Sometimes I would have 2 or 3 of those mugs out at the same time full of fresh cut flowers.

I wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day and may you be treated special on that day but may you be treated special every day that is better yet cause little things matter. With blessings, love and kindness for all females- Mother Mary (direct link speaking through Gregory Thomas) Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Life Day for no two days are ever alike and the children never act the same on those days either.

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