10 New Jesus as a Child Stories

10 New Jesus as a Child Stories are joyful, historical awakenings about the real Jesus child which many people have never heard about or known before. They are given to me as Jesus speaks through when I lay my mind aside through direct link telepathy just as he has done for over 15 years. This is possible since He, I, Shelina, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and 9500 to 11000 other soul aspects are in the same soul family. Look for more Jesus family memoirs soon. We welcome comments or questions and bless all those that love Jesus, our brother of love and empowerment. Thank you. Gregory Thomas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jesus, the Child

1-      Jesus, when he was first born traveled on his uncle’s ship, Joseph’s brother, to go to Egypt and get out of Nazareth due to the threats to the newborn babies.

2-      Father Joseph and Mother Mary later went to Ethiopia for 6 years and Jesus grew up there.

3-      Jesus learned and loved to play flutes that his father Joseph and his native African man friend, Ja’Kiyah, would carve for him and the children.

4-      Jesus did his first healing as a newborn when the lady who owned the stables had eczema on her arm and tried to hold him without him touching it- but he did. The next day, she woke up and her skin was completely cleared. That is what Mother Mary told him when he was older.

5-      Jesus healed several other children when he was a child of 5 or 6 that had hit their heads.

6-      When Mother Mary wasn’t paying attention to him as a young toddler, he would move her cup across the table when she wasn’t looking. She would reach for it only to find it had moved. The cup never fell on the floor. Other times he would draw toys closer to him with his energies when they were taken away from him.

7-      As a child living in Ethiopia, he and the other children, with his older stepbrothers Josephus and James, all learned how to handle a spear, a knife and a bow and arrow for their protection.

8-      Jesus met Mary Magdalene, his future wife, with his father and family when she was 6, almost 7 and he was 10. Her father raised animals for the caravan which Joseph’s family worked with.

9-      He had a healing hut across from their home where people would come from other towns once a week. He put his healing hands on them with the help of his family and though he couldn’t heal them all, he helped many of them out.

10-   He loved to laugh and play his whole life and smiled a lot. Jesus loved to do wood carving with his Father Joseph and helping to bake bread with his Mother Mary when he was a young child.

copyright 2010 Gregory and Shelina Thomas

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