Souls, Twin Souls and Soul Familes by Saragon11D

Hi! This is Saragon 11th dimensional being of pure light and love that teaches about the soul and soul science. I would like to correct a few things that most people think about the soul. Many on Earth do not realize that their soul is one part connected to 1,719 other soul parts to make a complete soul on many dimensions throughout the galaxy. So, that total soul aspect of yourself is connected in with what we call the soul family and there are usually 9,500 to 11,000 complete souls in each soul family.

The reason why it varies continually is we are counting on one aspect of your soul and all the matching aspects with other souls that are existing at that time- not just as energies but other living creatures in the galaxy. So the 1500 or less that usually vary are the ones that are in spiritual aspect for that moment up next to what you would call ‘the God Source’ or just spiritual souls instead of physical life souls.

The total amount of life with a soul aspect in a soul family, if we took an average of 10,000, would be over 17 million due to counting all the aspects in your soul and the soul family. That is on dimensions from 3rd through the 15th which we will explain another time about the capabilities except we will tell you that no one moves from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension. When you evolve you will evolve up to the 5th dimension in your next lifetime- not during the time you are alive in the 3rd dimension. This is the way it has worked throughout the history of life in the galaxy and this knowledge comes from very, very ancient text in Galactic Federation Libraries that only 11th dimension and above life can access. That is why only Gregory and Shelina have access to this information due to their high dimension spiritual connections and lifelong training, and possibly a few others in space.

Now one other thing I’d like to mention on this, people say “Oh I have a twin soul or a split soul mate or a parallel soul mate. Answer is: the laws or science of the soul make it so the soul never splits. That would be like somebody taking a saw and cutting you in half. You would not live. That is not possible. Gregory and Shelina are the highest order of parallel souls. They each are their own soul and neither one is a split soul for the law of souls is souls do not split. So there is no such thing as a twin soul for they would have to be exactly alike and that is impossible throughout the history of the soul. What makes parallel souls is they have spent many many lives together as either husband, wife, brother and sister, enemy and foe, best friends, mother and daughter, son and father, etc. etc. for in reality the soul is to experience through you, me and all living life that has a conscious to it and knowledge of a higher aspect of itself.

There are many kinds of life in the galaxy plus other human DNA but souls are not put into cats or dogs or cows or any animal except whales, dolphins and porpoises. These souls are the same as ours and they are very highly evolved. The other animals are already connected to the energy of The All and don’t need to evolve but there’s an answer to that- many of your deceased family members and loved ones, as they are in the spiritual world with their soul aspects come back and look through the eyes of these pets and animals to see what you are doing. It is a way for them to help you by loving you more at times and sometimes as people say they have protected their loved ones in different ways.

With this I will give more at another time and we will go deeper yet about that amazing part of each human being on this planet and all intelligent life in the galaxy. With that I bless you and wish you all well until next time, Saragon 11th dimensional being of pure light and love, Master Teacher of Soul Science, Spirituality and Soul Codes.

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