Mother Mary Talks Teenagers

Hi, this is Mother Mary talking about teenagers as I was looking at world traditions. Many young children honor their parents and respect them but many find a time where they want their own individuality. Sometimes it is tolerated more in some places than others and sometimes parents almost encourage it for a short time like the Amish people. So this has been going on for millions of years on millions of planets. Many are happy where they are and feel complete without testing their own individuality but for others It is the ritual of growing up and finding your own direction.

In the Milky Way Galaxy the Neficinarians call it the ‘Taj Maneena’ or time of rebellion. The Carcaleens, a flying culture, are directed differently. It’s called the ‘Armagoosha’ for ‘Let them be wild and learn to fly’. It means “You’ve been under our protection long enough. Go by yourself and see if you can soar but know we are behind you for anything you want and need during this time.” The Manuneekas call it their Qwaldaashukka meaning “You are a man or woman now. So you must get this wildness out of you so you can become one of the civilization. But do not take risks that will hurt that body you are in or anybody else’s for you are still part of us. Or like the humans on this planet Earth from many cultures they want to go out and see the rest of the world and see how others live or drive fast cars or not have to go to bed by 10 o’clock at night. There are many types of rituals, and they start at many ages, but after a short time or a few years they all settle down and become part of society.

For Jesus ,when he turned 14, that is the time he went away for several years and traveled to India through the caravans using his Uncle’s and relatives on Joseph’s side connections through the mercantile business, and as a young teenage man he experienced many things. He did not go alone. For, he had 2 other cousins with him that were about the same age. So they watched over each other as Jesus had a desire to experience life and learn the different aspects of religion and spirituality for that helped make him the man that helped us all and a great man he became.

Bless everybody in this world no matter who they are or what they do. Mother Mary and Gregory Thomas (High Dimension Messenger for The Jesus Family)

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