Jesus Family Love Quote for 08/17/2010

Sometimes for all, times get hard and you seem down for the day but remember you are all part of God. Slow down, quiet your mind, meditate or pray as God gives you that magical moment or two to uplift your heart. You can move on knowing he loves you and believes in you. He knows you can. So move on and do ok and feel good for that is also part of God’s way. If everything flowed like a level road, and there were no bumps, you would get lazy where this allows your mind to grow and find ways to stretch the great abilities you have to handle anything and move on and hopefully part of that is turning to Him for your spiritual needs and growth. It has been done that way for ages and will continue.

God bless you all. Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory and Shelina Thomas

P.S. For we are all spiritual beings, we just seem to pull away from it and those things help to bring it back in line. God bless everybody in this world no matter who, what or where they are.

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