World Peace 2010 by Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene speaking through Gregory Thomas for Peace Day 2010

It is another year for Peace Day. Much has happened in your world and there have been millions upon millions of you praying through many different beliefs and religions for peace. For in reality 99.9% of all the people on your planet just want to live a good life and have peace and get along with one another. Myself, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary all talk through Gregory and we see that this world has been praying to find peace, happiness and contentment.

Contentment can only be found, of course, in your heart and with that should come love. Love is much stronger and powerful than hate. It is not easy sometimes trying to get along with your fellow human being when your planet has so many different cultures and beliefs but we still see your prayers for peace and acceptance and understanding. I truly believe that if you keep praying this, no matter what your beliefs are, (for in reality we are all brothers and sisters and all part of the God source) that I think you can slowly find more peace. So I ask all of you to keep praying and visualize it that you see no more heavy military weapons or people wanting to hurt each other because they don’t like what they say or they don’t have the same beliefs as you have.

For you are all part of a bigger picture on this planet and in this galaxy and I thank all those that prayed this last year and worked for peace and I ask you to pray. Keep the prayers up and keep visualizing. For you have to show what you would really like to happen with your praying. Give thanks for the God source for the life that you have at this moment and realize that tomorrow is another day and tomorrows add up to another year and if you all work together for a common goal they will come true.

With love to the whole world and all its people, cultures and beliefs,
Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene (along with Gregory and Shelina that we share through)

Jesus says “Thank you for all the prayers. Amen and bless you all.”

Mother Mary tells us “It will happen. That is what my son taught was love and peace.”

Mary Magdalene, companion to Jesus says “I helped teach many women how to find contentment and love. It is there for you.”

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