Jesus Blessing Chilean Miners

I want to God bless everybody that helped to pray for those Chilean miners and rescuers. I watched it on TV through Greg’s eyes as the last one came up and it was a simple device but it stillĀ  took technology. Bless all those that worked so hard to make it happen. As just a soul near the God source I get confused at how the world can watch what was happening and pray for the lives of these 33 men that were trapped and for their families yet many do not care what happens to the rest of the world.

But in these moments like what just happened it is totally amazing and God like that millions of people have prayed for them and not just for the last few days but from the beginning. So if the world can do that, I can’t understand why you can’t pray for the others around the Earth and stop the wars and come together and stop the corporations and those that want to hurt the people and cultures. For you are all God’s children and you will all find this out when you pass on for He’s the one that created all of us. Think about what I said for everyone has a right to live no matter who they are.

So with that God bless everybody in the world too and may those miners mentally and physically renew themselves back into society. I know that it will take some time because all they had was God and each other but that is totally amazing. God bless you all and thank you for the prayers. Love Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory Thomas with Shelina (my monitor and editor)

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