Women Heroes by Mary Magdalene

Women Heroes

Women Heroes

Sometimes Gregory and Shelina watch Oprah for she brings out a lot of information that really isn’t brought to light about women and how they’re treated and the children and there are times when people are called ‘heroes’. I think sometimes you see much more men as being heroes than women but I truly believe that every woman whether she be a young girl, mother or grandmother are all heroes. They do little things every day to help their family out and others through kindness and love and compassion.

For the world is a hard world and I truly believe that that’s why becoming not only a mother and companion women have this soft touch so they are the unsung heroes in many ways to the tenderness as they held their children or their fellow persons with compassion, understanding and love and when it comes to a time of an emergency or hard times with their husbands or mates a lot of women become heroes by just giving the mental support to help those people through. So God bless all the women of this world and females for that is truly your job that you take for granted is helping humanity work towards peace, love and understandings.

The word hero is just a word for that moment or instance of somebody helping somebody and as a mother or young lady or female that is your job that you do every day and you do it all day long.

With love to all, Mary Magdalene

(From Shelina- CNN will be having their annual Hero show soon and you are now able to vote now for who you would like to win the prize. Go to CNN Heroes 2010 to see who the nominees are! There are 4 women being nominated out of 10 heroes. They are Linda Fondren, Susan Burton, Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega and Anuradha Koiraia Really they are all heroes and there are many more of you out there whose names should be mentioned. Also like Mary Magdalene says you are all a hero in that moment of helping someone out. Bless you. Love, Shelina)

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