Mixed Bloodline of Jesus

The bloodline of Jesus is mixed because of the heritage from his mother Mary who was part of the King David lineage. He was a Hebrew man who some say is the only son of God born to a virgin and others the son of a Roman soldier who took advantage of his mother. Yet with either of these choices we know that Mother Mary was a descendant of Ruth, a Moab woman, who was the great grandmother of King David so the family of David would have mixed blood with a variety of genetics and DNA. While giving his lifetime history to us, Jesus has said “I told them we are all brothers and sisters of God. I never said I was the only son of God like the church claimed hundreds of years after I lived. And no matter who my genetic father was, my true father was Joseph. For it is the one that shows you love and caring and is there for you that counts.”

So does that bloodline really make a difference? There have been many leaders with ancestors of different races or cultures. Today President Obama is one of those world leaders who has a history of both African and Caucasian parents and grandparents. So did Thomas Jefferson. Now we hear that Prince Harry will marry a young lady who is a commoner. So differences are measured by both wealth and genetics. Most people in the world have mixed genes in their ancestral bloodlines. There is even a popular television show that reveals the surprising ancestors of many famous actors and sports people.

Maybe now we can get away from the perception that those with ancestors who are all the same heritage, race or beliefs are superior to others. We are told by Nonamori our 13th dimensional Spiritual Master of Love, Light and Wisdom that the Kanarians first creation humans purposely mixed up the parents of the first child so that their new race could be strong. Some believe that King Tut from Egypt had problems because his family had interpersonal relationships with each other before he was born. Yet he was still a powerful king, and so was King David and so was Jesus even though their bloodlines were all different.

So let us appreciate and recognize these amazing people for their accomplishments and not their lineage. After all, all humans began from the same high dimension angelic ancestors called Kanarians 553 million years ago that had 12 different ancestors combined and were a gift for life, for God and for the soul.

So Gotta La Mortee (Bless You) in Kanarian 1st Creation Human language from Shelina Thomas

(Image Ruth in Boaz’s Field by Juliius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. Ruth was honored and respected by Boaz even though she was Moab and not of his belief. Eventually they married and she became the great grandmother of King David which leads to the bloodline of Jesus. So no matter what bloodline one has, all are children of God and all are chosen for enlightenment, empowerment and soul evolutions up to the higher dimensions through the help of their angels and guides and God.)

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