Jesus Speaks Holiday Peace Message 2010

Bless You! Peace be with you! I love you! Listen to Jesus Speaking through Gregory Thomas of Gregory and Shelina who are in his soul family. Gregory has been talking with Jesus for over 16 years and has the gift of The Jesus Opal which was given to him for his being willing to be a messenger for the whole family with Jesus, Joseph, Mother Mary and wife Mary Magdalene. Their autobiography is being worked on now and will help to awaken many to the true person that has been called a savior, messiah, brother, son, husband and even father. This Christmas Message of Peace is available to you so that you can listen to it at any time during the year. May you have a wonderful New Year 2011 with blessings of joy, good health and abundance. Love, Jesus, Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus, Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Gregory and Shelina (click on the link below to view the video)

Jesus Speaks Holiday Peace Message 2010

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