Benjamin Franklin Speaking 2010 Freedom Talk

The Real Benjamin Franklin Speaks To Gregory and Shelina Thomas

The Real Benjamin Franklin Speaks To Gregory and Shelina Thomas

Benjamin Franklin speaks through Gregory as his soul aspect is a direct link in the same soul family as Gregory and Shelina, Jesus and many others.

Benjamin Franklin says “My greatest pleasure in life, and one of my favorite things believe it or not, was to be able to negotiate and to sit and invent new things. And ‘yes’ I was part of the Masons. I loved looking into what could possibly be the future with my little inventions to improve life and ‘yes’ I was at times very empathic or clairvoyant and saw visions. I knew that if we could come together that we would see a country for all people of the world to come to that would be free so they could create their own life against tyranny and repression and believe their own way.

I also saw who our first President would be, a great man who I respected (that was also in my soul family), George Washington. Nothing could ever be done or created by itself and that’s the way with life. If you care about your life you have to keep track of it to maintain your freedoms and the way you want it. It wasn’t easy but I admire every one of the group of men that worked with me on this. We might not have agreed with each other but we agreed into a common thought against tyranny and taxation and I was grateful to be born at that time to help out, to help build what all the people of this world have now as The United States of America, that has grown of our dreams and visions.

It is also great to look through Gregory’s eyes to see what some of my simple inventions have turned into, from the simple kites (as they live near the ocean) to many other technologies. I wish everybody since I can see through Gregory’s eyes a very Merry Christmas. Of course back then it wasn’t as commercial, it was a get together party  time of friends with celebrations of a time of peace and working together with our beliefs of Jesus and God and thanks for him giving us life to experience many things and the gifts that we all had and that is life.

So I say start watching your government and your laws for I see what’s coming around on deception and money grabbers and people that want control of what we worked so hard for with many wars that have been fought by us in the past for freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom to do what you want to in your own home. Freedom is not a given. There have been millions of lives in the past 200 years that have given of themselves so their families could have what you have that you take so lightly and I lived in France and England as an ambassador and negotiator and I saw what the monarchies and the ruling class and some of the wealthy tried to do to take over and control the freedoms of the everyday people and families who in reality just want a life of love and peace. For without the normal person the wealthy would not have anything. No other country, or corporation, has the right to tell our country what to do or to buy the votes. Everything was put into the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights to maintain that freedom for that is what our country, America, was built on. I feel very fortunate to look through Gregory’s eyes and to see what is going on. With that have a great holiday season and bless you all. I wish you all a good, prosperous, peaceful, successful and healthy new year for you and your loved ones and friends.

Gregory really has been given this gift to be able to communicate with many amazing humans from the past through his soul connection that he and Shelina have. That is done because we are all connected to the God Source.”

Benjamin Franklin is a direct link soul family member that is part of Gregory’s soul family and Shelina’s soul family speaking through Gregory.

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