Happy Birthday Joseph Father of Jesus

Happy Birthday Joseph father of Jesus and husband to Mother Mary January 5th!

Happy Birthday Joseph father of Jesus and husband to Mother Mary January 5th!

This week, on January 5th, we celebrate the birthday of Joseph, father of Jesus and husband to Mary. Many people only know that he loved to work with wood doing carvings but he was also a very loving passionate husband and father whose family and father, Chiyram, along with his brothers and even cousins, helped with several businesses. So they were not poor but worked together on a construction business, caravan business, agricultural farming with many crops and of course woodworking.

Having Joseph for a father greatly influenced Jesus during his life to want to discover more about other cultures, memorize the stories of the Torah at a young age and learn how to treat others well especially when doing trade. Joseph’s birthday was on January 5th during the winter time. He was born in Bethlehem since his parents were visiting relatives and weren’t at home in Ephraim when his mother Carol went into labor so that is where he had to go to do his census when Jesus was born.

As Joseph speaks through my shalanee lifemate Gregory Thomas he is always joking and saying how much he truly loved Mother Mary who was so beautiful to him. She was only ten years younger so it wasn’t like how some of the paintings show him as a much older man. He was very youthful and loved to make toys for all of his children with Josephus, James, Jesus, Elijah, Mariam and Elena. So let us celebrate him for the love, wisdom, joy, curiosity for life and strength that he shared as the husband of Mary and father of Jesus. He helped to make them even more through his love. We love you Joseph. Bless you and bless all father figures. I would give you a cart full of wood with burls if I had it. Love, Shelina (and Gregory, with Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene and all your relations and admirers).

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