Jesus Speaks Easter Message 2011

Jesus speaks to us through Gregory: “Believe in yourself as a child of God with your heart and your love because you are all part of God, and you are the sons and daughters of God as I am the son, and know that I send you pure love and joy. And while you are visualizing that, love all others in this world for their individuality, different beliefs, different lifestyles, rich or poor, sick or healthy, educated or uneducated and know that we are all one, as I was with you 2000 years ago, and believe we all part of the God Source and we are his children.

And if you can do that, and not just say it in your mind, but truly accept it in your heart and in your being and in your soul, your body can be healed and illnesses can disappear and you will go to sleep and wake up differently tomorrow. For as long as you truly allow that to become part of you with the help of your angels and spiritual guides into every aspect and cell of your body, a gift is there for you, and for us all, to be healed. Some will happen instantly overnight, some maybe a little bit longer and some can massively change their life for God gave us the ability to be much more than we are taught and it will be hard at times to still feel that love and peace.

But still God loves us, though He knows we are not perfect for we do humanly things and our journey is to realize that we are all part of Him and He is part of all of us and as you do you will be in divine order. It is so easy, yet so hard, to make that decision but know that it can happen for we are all also part of this universe. We are all truly part of ONE.

With that I God bless all humans on this planet called Earth. For when I was human we were all brothers and sisters of God, not I just being his only son. They started to say that 400 years after I had been gone. Amen. Jesus of Nazareth, speaking through Gregory with Shelina as my monitor

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