Jesus Speaks We Are All Part of God

God has been there for you, and for everyone, from the day you were created because certain aspects of the creator is in the form of each cell in your body that keeps duplicating. So if that’s it imagine the amount of cells that connect you, and everyone, to the God Source. For you have more cells in your body than all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

I, Jesus, never gave information like that when I lived centuries ago because they wouldn’t understand it, but I used to say “If we are born of God’s design through his materials with his body, blood and breathe, just as the stars in the sky, the animals, plants and waters that give life, why wouldn’t we all be part of God all the time? And why would you ever think that we are not part of God? Why would you listen, if you really think about it, to people that say you are not part of God? For He created you as He created all of us and we have been given the gift of a soul and angels and spiritual guides to watch over each and every one of us. With that just know that when you go to bed at night that we are all part of the God Source with His love and majestic presence that flows through each of us like a strong river of knowledge, abilities, self love, compassion, acceptance and knowing that ‘We are all part of God’. All He really cares about is that you acknowledge that He is part of you and honor Him by the simple rules and laws to treat your fellow humankind with respect, love and acceptance for that is what makes each of you such amazing intelligent life out there is that you are a variety of different cultures, understandings, intelligence and beliefs yet you, and I, are all part of the God Source that is both male and female.”

Now 2,000 years ago I didn’t quite say it like that for there were many uneducated people that I spoke with back then and although there was much prosperity there were some that seemed to have no chance. Those were the ones I tried to bring in as my lambs to teach with God’s love. So with this I send love and peace and healing to all those on this planet that God has given us through many years to live on and know that down deep inside we are truly all connected and part of one. Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory with Shelina

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