Jesus Speaks Fathers Day Message 2011

Bless The Fathers From Jesus of Nazareth

Bless The Fathers and Father Figures

Jesus Speaks: Fathers Day is and should be a great celebration of everything that fathers do to help support, keep the family together and take care of the children alongside the mother. It’s a good day for the family to say “Thank you for doing the best you can and not only for being a father but a good partner during those times with patience and understanding”.

For there are good times and bad times in everyday life and you fathers are thought of as the center, the never faltering pole, with strength, confidence, understanding, love, laughter and even sensitivity due to things effecting you so hard. It’s alright to cry. There were a couple times I cried. It’s a normal part of life. It shows you strong yet human and sensitive. In fact I am told that women like men who sometimes cry if it’s over something important (that’s a secret note for you guys).

So with this I want to wish everybody a good Father’s Day and God bless you all and remember our father the Great Creator that created all of us. For you are part of him. You say I was the only son of God but we are all sons and daughters of God and he is our true father and he understands life and knows most of us males try to do the best we can for our family. I remember my father Joseph who wasn’t my natural birth father but took me in as his own just as many of you have done. Even you mothers that don’t have a man around and are raising the children and acting as the mother and father. It’s not easy being either one sometimes. Joseph taught me everything he could about his abilities and he always gave me love, yet he was firm and I know it doesn’t say it in the Bible much but I was a mischievous child at times just as all children are but my father was a good man and he tried the best he could to teach me and I think he succeeded. For that’s who I became, part of him along with my own desires and directions.

It is also a time to thank God for he was not only my father but your father whether you are male or female. We are all connected to the Great Creator in the sky, God, who is both father of us all and mother of us all. So God bless all you fathers and grandfathers and even the great grandfathers, though there’s probably not many around. So think happy and be happy with the celebration today for you deserve it. God bless. With love Jesus of Nazareth through Gregory with Shelina

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