Akashic and Tartrinian Galactic Library

Tartrinian Galactic Hall of Records Library

Akashic Records and Galactic Tartrinian Library Records

Throughout the galaxy and in many ancient civilizations around Earth there have been libraries built for thousands even millions and billions of years to keep recorded history while other ancient civilizations such as the aboriginals of Australia, the Hopi, or even European lineages have just passed their secrets on through oral traditions or storytelling. Either way by accessing knowledge of the past it gives us an easy way to learn many lessons firsthand that can help us to improve our lives, our cultures and the future of many generations yet to come. For by learning about others and even ourselves it gives us the opportunity to awaken to our own personal nature as soul aspects that are connected with the divine God Source that is of course connected in with everything or “The All”. It can help us to sometimes start or for others continue the ‘awakening process’ through our human nature of curiosity and wonder of the world. My own spiritual journey has often been led by my angelic helpers through the researching of material on the web or even wandering through the shelves of books at the library or a store.

During the times of Atlantis 140,000 B.P. on Earth they brought their own library with them from their planet Zonnakronite and put it into a special vault. If we could access those records today, it would open up us up to many new possibilities for transportation, health, science, spirituality, history or social advancements. However that is not possible today as it sits deep on the deep ocean floor. But what we can do is access the content of these other dimensional and galactic physical libraries which are being kept by others through learning to communicate on a higher level with our soul for the Akashic or speak with those who can connect in with galactic Tartrinian Library for even more.

Many have heard of the Akashic Records which are the ethereal dimensional records that are actually part of our soul but there are also the Tartrinian Hall of Records that are physical records placed in thousands of places around the Milky Way Galaxy. They actually work together. For the third dimension the Akashic Records keeps 10,000 years of our soul lifetimes then one year is dropped off and then that year’s reports are put into the Tartrinian Library. For the fifth dimension it doubles to 20,000 years of records that are available and then it doubles again for the sixth dimension to 40,000 years of records that are opened up to be read. This Galactic Federation Hall of Records which began over 2 1/2 billion years ago is then accessed through central centers that compile all the soul updates for much life in the galaxy, along with a listing of galactic cultures, planetary activity, major inventions, cultural advancements and much more.

It began when the Cartonians and Moteenuns, two very old galactic races that almost eliminated each other 500 million years ago, started to realize that if they were gone nobody would ever know anything about them. So they made a peace treaty and started to work with the Galactic Federation to build these important libraries which can only be accessed by them or others with permission that are 10th dimension and above. It’s a little more complicated than that but thanks to them and the cooperation of the highest dimensional angels and white ball living entities, with the help of the God Source, we are able to continually learn more about souls, galactic cultures, ancient histories, technologies, artistic expressions, the cosmos and those most asked questions of “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?”.

For some people on Earth this amount of years is far beyond what many people can comprehend as they have been told that we live only one life which is true. We do live one life with this personality, gender, physical genetics and desires but our soul aspect lives on eternally for most. An example of this is like having a small tree branch of plums grafted onto a new tree of apricots than where it came from. That new plum branch is still the same as before, like the soul is, but it is different because it becomes a part of that apricot tree in a new location with a new identity (a pluot), new possibilities to become stronger or even new obstacles such as weather or insects. So that soul is able to go into many different type of intelligent life that live in the galaxy or even a different gender for new experiences which of course will create more records for those libraries.

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