Jesus Speaks 4th of July Freedom Blessings

Fireworks Galaxy

Jesus says “How beautiful the fireworks were tonight for the celebration of the United States Independence Day 4th of July and seeing all the people working towards patriotism and belief in a free country where people can go for their dreams and visions. And bless the soldiers that have fought and are fighting to keep it that way.

Maybe someday there can be a world celebration of freedom and equality for all as the holiday travels around the world with fireworks going on for 24 hours and during that time all people can be free and be able to use their own abilities and visions with love, peace, heart and mind to work for a better world no matter what your beliefs are.

For you are truly all part of the Great Creator as brothers and sisters though you may look different and act differently to each other. So God bless everyone in the United States of America that are proud of their country with the vision that someday maybe the whole world can say the same that they have freedoms. We didn’t have fireworks 2000 years ago at least not where I lived.” Jesus of Nazareth

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