Jesus Speaks New Thoughts of Light

Jesus of Nazareth Speaking on New Thoughts and Light

God created us, each and every one of us, to not be solid and firm totally on all our beliefs and ideas but with the desire for us to be open to learning new things and new thoughts. Because when many things were written back two thousand years ago that was the age of then and now you are in an age where information thrives.

And you must be willing to keep your beliefs and convictions strong no matter what they are, but be open to listen to other truths to analyze because some of these old truths that were written back then were for the people that could not read or write as many could not read or write. So look at this picture and understand that glass has the transparency of light and light has the ability to send new knowledge now days.

God created your minds to be transparent just as my stained glass picture is here for new ideas to come in and new truths in your surroundings. and remember that God loves you always for we are all sons and daughters, and not just I, of the Great Creator. I was sent here to be your teacher, your solid rock to help you through the hard times and with that God bless you all. They called me ‘Light of the World’ but so are you, each and every one of you.

Jesus of Nazareth speaks through Gregory Thomas with Shelina
Image Christ and the Apostles – Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company, c.1890

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