Jesus Talks of Sharing,Thanks and Gratitude

Jesus Talks Thanks and Gratitude

Jesus Talks Thanks and Gratitude

Blessed be to all you people that give thanks for Thanksgiving and share your food with others to enjoy a good meal with good friends and loved ones. We used to have celebrations in our time to give thanks in a different way and of course we never knew what a turkey was but we had other large fowl. In those days when I lived food would be given to the less fortunate to eat. Then they are allowed to glean from the crops. For to be a good Hebrew you had to share your crops of plenty and that is why the outside edges of the fields were left for them to pick, the same for anything left on the grapevines or olive trees. Some olives would be left to be picked up from the ground or from the tree along with many other types of fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t a lot but enough to feed some people. That was being a good Hebrew.

And I know that you give thanks to God for whoever or whatever you believe when you eat but it’s nice to do it and share all the different types of food and enjoy the company of friends. For, everybody needs to have friends who care because you are a creature that needs to have companionship and emotions of love and caring and acceptance. On Thanksgiving Day many cultures that live in America share their meals with many races, cultures and beliefs if they are friends. That is what God wants you to do for that is being what he considers “Godly”.

A prayer of gratitude “Please Heavenly Father give us blessings for all the many friendships, love of family and fellowship of friends and family getting together with this food that you have so readily given to us all. Thank you Our Father and blessings to heal all people not only having these meals but all around the world in health, mind and body. Amen”

God bless to all. May you not eat too much food or leftovers to get sick. p.s. Gregory and Shelina sure enjoyed their meal. God bless, Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory with Shelina

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