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Carcalleens Galactic Heroes Raced Through Gorges

Carcalleens Galactic Heroes Raced Through Gorges

One thing I think people on Earth truly don’t realize or know is that other life in the galaxy has galactic heroes and folk lore just as they do so they don’t live so differently. They all have their own champions through the ages if they are intelligent life. It’s true that there are many different types of life out there and situations on how they live but most of the time records are kept, and like humans that believe in super heroes or heroines from the past a lot of them retain folklore histories themselves.

Believe it or not, one was Magorra who was a Carcaleen which is a flying species that has huge wings to fly. He lived on the planet Errr Lollium where they would, and still do, have a contest called “Lorroo Uppa” meaning “Races of Sharp Blades” to see who was the fastest by flying through a massive canyon with a hazardous course as fast as they could. It’s a small section of the planet but the only one they know of in the galaxy with these very sharp thin tall jagged peaks that are about 1,500 feet high. So they are not mountains but still famous like your Grand Canyon or Nile River because of the wild very sharp shaped rocks that hang out making many points. They believe they stay that way because of the rock which is hard like diamonds along with the winds that swirl around. So each year in a timed race many would fly through these very narrow canyons that open up into wide valleys twisting and turning around with many corners. If they could do this and survive, because many died from the winds or getting cut up, the winner who had the fastest time was given a beautiful medallion which has also been given to Gregory and Shelina to make. It is called the Nashacoota.  The winner also earned their right to be able to go into politics and to run as a leader due to their strength, speed, agility and cunningness but they had to be very intelligent also. It was an honor. To do this they had to be a certain age and really only had to do it once as a young man or woman but if you were technical, athletic or spiritual you were not degraded from not doing it. But if you did do it you were considered a warrior and honored. Some did it for the challenge.

Magorra enjoyed doing it but he did it professionally. He would be like one of your super sports stars as he won the thing an unheard of sixteen times without getting injured and coming in first, second or third in the race but he had more firsts than anybody else. He had nine of them. One time he almost died when the tip of his wing hit the sharp razor type edges of the rocks. And so he became a legend and his legend has lasted for hundreds of millions of years. Today they still do that race. They even sharpen the points which dull just a little after thousands of years. It is a massive task. That is just one of billions of folklore stories in the Milky Way Galaxy. This happened billions of years ago and they still celebrate a day to honor Magorra or what they would consider a day of the ultimate Carcaleen. He lived to about 163 years old and became such a legend that there have been many books written on him. He was also a scientist, explorer of the stars, and became what you call one of the leaders of the country. He never made it to president but was like the vice president. I will continue to share more of them with you so that you can awaken to the truths that there is much intelligent life in the galaxy. There are billions of other folklore of galactic heroes and heroines out there in the Tartrinian Galactic Federation Library and the Akashic Records.  Blessings, Nonamori 13th Dimensional White Light Master of Love, Light and Wisdom c.2011 gsthomas

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