Mother Mary Speaks of Ave Maria Song and Gregory

In those days 2,000 years ago we would celebrate, dance and sing but it is so amazing as I have heard through Gregory’s ears and seen through his eyes Andrea Bocelli singing the Ave Maria song and it brings tears to his eyes and mine that the world honors me so with love and passion for being the mother of Jesus. Sixteen years ago myself Mother Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene asked Gregory if we could come through his eyes and speak through him and I know you will never understand this part but we explain the how’s and why’s of how he was chosen because I am just a spirit and a soul like you are like those before me and after me are in what you would call ‘heaven’. And Gregory is in the same soul family and group that we are. So with much ‘ado’ as you say, he finally agreed to do it, so at times we all, because he lays his brain aside as a direct link spiritual communicator, and it’s not channeling, as he gives us part of his body to come back in to try to teach the truths of our lives. For there is no real record of what our childhood was and even the sacred books don’t tell a lot about my son Jesus.

At this time and moment Gregory is the only one that we are truly speaking through to give our life story. For he is an amazing man that for the last sixteen years has allowed us to feel, see and have emotions through him on our feelings as tears come down his eyes and he cries because he is directly connected to our emotions as we relive our lives by sharing our life story. For once you are up with the God Source or “The Big Guy in the Sky” as you would say now days you are just a soul taking care of yourself with the abilities at times to connect with others of your family and loved ones. So I want to honor Gregory for allowing the three of us to experience through his mind, body, eyes and ears and it’s a deep trust on all sides. It’s the first time we have come back and agreed to come back together in 1000 years to try to teach the people of this Earth love, peace, honor and acceptance of many cultures and to teach that Jesus was not the only son of God but that we, and you too, are all daughters and sons of God and he is your brother and my son of course that was given great knowledge and the ability to do many things to try to lead the people. For you are all connected to God 24/7 as Gregory says which means twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week.

As I am speaking this of course Gregory has tears in his eyes for when we speak through him he is very humbled and he does it with love along with his wife Shelina that love all humankind and all they desire is for possibly this Christmas season coming up that more people will be singing more words of joy to the world, with peace and good will to all men and women that will be spoken and felt, for you are all connected to the God Source as one. I want to thank you for that beautiful Ave Maria song that was written to me with hope, love and joy.

God bless all humans on this planet whether they celebrate Christmas or not. And may there be love and peace developed through reaching out your hands for others and helping another fellow person for no matter how small or big it is that you do, you can help others in their need of aid and love. God bless you all, Mother Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene that comes through Gregory in a very deep connection and he is not us but he allows us to be part of him at times by laying his brain aside so we can talk to you all. Blessings through Gregory and Shelina. Amen. Mother Mary, mother of Jesus and wife of Joseph

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  • Yes, I can see why you were drawn to it. This could be any mother with her child, the love is so enidevt. Most pictures of Mary and Jesus are very sterile and do not show even a fraction of the love she must have felt.

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