Mother Mary Speaks of Mary Guadalupe

Mother Mary speaks of Mary Guadalupe and Blessings

Mother Mary speaks of Mary Guadalupe and Blessings

December 12th is the day in Mexico when they celebrate me as Mary Guadalupe or Our Lady of Guadalupe but all mothers should be honored and not just myself for we are just the other half of the species. In reality all women who become mothers are angelic. And it is our job to raise children and not only our children but those in need. For by doing that we are giving to others in need. For I truly believe that even though you are giving me thanks and praise, I think it should be done to all mothers for they take the burden of childbirth and having to nurse them and I’m not belittling the fathers for they have a purpose of their own.

But I thank the Mexican people for thinking that I am the mother for Mexicans of many beliefs but I am the mother of all because I represent all females and mothers. So rejoice and celebrate this day for it is a day we come together and celebrate with compassion for one another and remember when this day ends that this holiday doesn’t have to end and you can still have compassion for others and faith to know that you are all connected to the God Source like I and my son Jesus and others are.

For no matter what you look like, your culture, intelligence or color of your skin you are a creation of God and we are just like candy. There are many different flavors and shapes but we are still sweet as candy and that makes life interesting. So please remember when you celebrate me on this day to celebrate all my girlfriends in the world and sisters. I am honored.

God bless you all. Mother Mary (Lady of Guadalupe or Mary Guadalupe) through Gregory and Shelina

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