Mother Mary Speaks Playing with Dolls and Mud

Girl Playing With Dolls Under Christmas Tree

Girl Playing With Dolls Under Christmas Tree by Franz Skarbina

My sister Clara and I, Mother Mary had fun playing with dolls and sometimes mud. I remember one time right after a good rain, when we were playing with mud in this one area that had a lot of it to make a whole bunch of mud flat cakes. Of course now days you make mud pies in a pan. This happened when I was about three or four. So we borrowed one of our mother’s flat wood spatulas, which she had a couple of them, and got it all muddy. We were so proud of our flat cakes especially since we put berries in them with some grass and I think we might have even tossed in a few rocks or pebbles. We carried them back, just barely, to the house and brought them in for our mother Anna and she kind of broke out laughing because we asked if we could put them in the oven.

Well we found out later that usually when you cook flatbread it’s thrown against the side of the oven then falls down when it’s done. So you have to be ready to pull it out. Mom said “Oh no! These are really special. We need to just put them out in the sun to dry” and she very carefully, after letting them set out for half an hour, took a knife to them, not to cut them but to lift them off of her wood paddle so she could get it back and clean it up. She didn’t even get mad.

Of course the next day the cakes were hard as a rock and we told Momma “Try one! They must be delicious!” We wanted her to try the ones we made but she said “Oh those are too beautiful and too good to eat!” knowing that we probably couldn’t pull them off the rock very easily. So she brought us in and gave us a treat of bread that had real fruit and nuts mixed in it but later on when I started to help her cook she would bring up that story whenever she helped me roll out the dough and help make it flat and I never forgot it and neither did my older sister Clara. Sometimes I think my mother Anna was the best mother anybody could have had. So I’m sure all you girls out there would now days would take your bowls or something like that from the kitchen, like an old what you call coffee can, to try to mix up your own stews and make mud pies. I think through the ages many girls have done this and it’s almost a tradition.

It’s the same with dolls that we all had when we were young to play with. Mine were either carved with wood or sewn up with straw or a little grain and my father had one carved for me that actually had a wood face on it. It was probably about a foot long or tall. I don’t know the exact measurements but it went from my head to my waist when I was around four years old. And I had another one that somebody had covered up with leather and used animal hair to make the hair into it so it would look more realistic. That doll was given to me when I was a little older.

I remembered the flat bread making because Gregory loves apple pies. He loves pies and I can look through his mind to see what a pie looks like but he also loves fruity breads and that brought me back to the time we made mud cakes for Mom. God bless all and thank you for loving me, Mother Mary mother of Jesus of Nazareth through Gregory (and Shelina who is kind of like our secretary)

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