Merry Christmas 2011 from Jesus of Nazareth

Merry Christmas from Jesus of Nazareth 2011

Merry Christmas 2011 from Jesus of Nazareth Speaking to the World

Merry Christmas from Jesus of Nazareth speaking: It is so amazing how so many people of the world come together to spend time together and travel great distances during this time of year for holiday celebrations to show love, peace and gratitude for families and friends. It is a good time for children to learn the meaning of gifts, friendships and love of family.

Remember I was not the only son of God as you are all my brothers and sisters throughout the ages because we’re all part of The One, the God Source, and celebrate not just my birthday but each and every human’s birthday on this planet. For it’s your differences, cultures and beliefs that make each one of you amazing and fascinating, and that is being human.

I give thanks to all those that remember me during this Christmas time for I know you celebrate because of me even though my birthday is in the spring. But you must give thanks to yourself and love yourself no matter what situation you’ve had whether abuse, hardships of growing up or suffering for your mind can help you to make new choices. For to truly give love and peace and thanks to our Father God you must give thanks to yourselves too, because as I said we are all part of the God Source and if you are part of the God Source you are ‘small Gods’ yourselves and given the ability to change hardships and sorrows. That is just all part of life to live with trials or tribulations that can help you grow to be strong so you can conquer your fears.

So I pray for you all and ask you all to join in with your prayers to heal the world as you pray to me to heal the world. Let’s get rid of pains, fears, angers and misconceptions of the world among all people and let’s all realize that this next year can be a better year than this year in all ways. And if you take a few moments we can all join together as one energy, and miracles can happen on this Christmas day and the world can change and become better as one.

Everyone have a great Christmas and a blessed holiday, no matter what your beliefs are, and for those of you who can, say “Hi” to Santa for me. With that God bless you all, Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory and Shelina. Amen

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