Mary Magdalene Speaks Jesus Was Married

Jesus Was Married.. to Mary Magdalene

Jesus Was Married.. to Mary Magdalene

History is always changing just as the belief that Jesus was married is being accepted more today. Throughout one’s life if you really notice, you can go back and think about all the changes that you have lived through for there is always continued change and you must keep your eyes open and be aware of what goes on around you. That happened with society even in those days that I lived with Jesus due to the Romans, and the unrest of the Hebrew sects and that’s still the same with your technical world with alterations that have happened even with words that have been written down in the last 2000 years in many of your books. Be prepared for transformations and truths that will happen in your life.

For one I married Jesus that all of you honor and realize that he was a great teacher. He was also a great father and husband. We knew each other when I was a very young age and back then there were many Mary’s, Joseph’s and even Jesus’ in those days. Those were very common names just like you have your cycles of Joe’s, Pete’s and Bill’s and then you go through cycles of other names. I really was the wife of Jesus and luckily a mother to our three sons and one daughter. I went along with him at times as his ‘sidekick’ as some of you might say and partner when we traveled short distances from Nazareth. Of course our children were always taken care of by Mother Mary and our helper.

I was not the only woman that followed the crowd though and at times when Jesus and the others spoke we would  come in from different sides of the town and we would mingle with others to help form the crowd. Almost like now days as they put people into your rock star concerts when they are trying to get them known to cheer them on. I was very lucky for this man worked with me and we read together and he taught me things that he did not teach the other disciples and I was lucky because my family dealt in trading and raising of horses and camels for caravans so I was taught how to read. In those days many women didn’t get that opportunity to read, even many of the poor males. But being that we were fairly well to do all the children in my family were taught to read and even some of my friends.

I know through your teachings that they never brought a wife into some of your books but they also didn’t put a lot of other things in about our lives and there are several versions of those books. Do you think as an example that a man is a better leader when he is single? Does it make him less of a man or less knowledgeable because he is married? For as most of you women know it takes guts for males or females to go out and do their dreams whether preaching or wanting to advance in business for prosperity or come out with new ideas. If you look throughout history most successful men had a successful woman that believed in him by his side and for Jesus I was that proud woman to walk by his side and give him support. Even in those days when the females had their own place in society he treated me as an equal and respected who I was and loved me as an equal as any good man should with their woman in their life.

So this is Mary Magdalene asking you to go into your own hearts and do not believe everything you have heard from the past or been taught from books. Remember I said there is continued change and there is much history where people are finding out it was not exactly as they said it was. It’s all your choice and do not condemn others unless you yourself have never in your life done anything wrong, or as some call it ‘sinned’, for that is being human as humans try to become better and condemnation from the study of just one book or news report without complete knowledge or looking at many sides isn’t always the truth. With that I think you women will understand more than you men of what I am saying.

God bless all beings on this planet whether they believe that Jesus was married or not and no matter how they celebrate God. And know that we are all brothers and sisters of Jesus and that he is not the only son of God, for we are all part of the God Source or in those days we called Jehovah. God bless you all and may peace and calmness be found in this time for everyone around the world and may it start and continue on throughout the year. Happy New Year! With love for all, Mary Magdalene wife of Jesus of Nazareth speaking through Gregory and Shelina

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