Jesus Speaks \"Follow Me With Prayer\"

Jesus Speaks "Follow Me" Brothers and Sisters

Jesus Speaks

Jesus Speaks “Many years ago what I taught that wasn’t written in the books is that we are all part of God and that you can worship God sitting on a rock, laying in your bed, going for walks or reflecting and praying. You really don’t need a church as the only way to get through to God. When I mentioned “Follow me” it meant that I will teach you how to sit and pray to ask for what you would like from the Almighty God Source, not that I was the only one that was connected to the God Source. We all are.”

I truly believe that the churches changed my meaning to purposely put power to them and so with this I want you to realize that churches and synagogues are ok because you need the companionship and sometimes you need the strength to try to speak to God yourself but when some minister or priest or preacher says “You have to come to these church meetings or you will go to hell fire and damnation and we are the only way to take you to heaven”, which thank God most churches don’t do that anymore, it’s time to rethink where you are doing your fellowship.”

“And even though they don’t speak the way I taught, I believe that there’s still love and peace and you need to work together because you need fellowship but just remember when you go to your worship centers, male or female of any culture or any belief, that you’re still all connected to the God Source and you are co-creators yourselves because God gave you that ability. If you listen to yourself and your angelic spiritual helpers, and believe in yourself you’ll soon realize that you can change your life for God wants you to do that. He would never try to hold you down and I, Jesus of Nazareth, bless everyone on this planet and wish them all well and ask that they go into themselves and not listen to others because the inner part of you will tell you your truths and try to not condemn others until you’ve actually been in their shoes or else if you’ve never done anything wrong yourself. With that bless you all.” Jesus of Nazareth through Gregory and Shelina

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