Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Celebrates Women

Mother Mary Speaking I am so glad to see that you are celebrating women, the female aspect of the human species. Mother Mary Speaks Celebrate Women We at times back when I lived were spoiled too but it’s nice to see it is announced worldwide for ladies everywhere. (Oh Gregory and Shelina are playing my song again “Ave Maria” by Andrew Bocelli who I think is the best singer in the world.) God bless him and everybody that is celebrating this Woman’s Day and spoiling their little lady by simple things of giving a hug and a kiss, telling her that you need her or that she is the most precious thing in your life, holding hands or even going for a walk. For, we women have the babies and raise the children and for some it’s not easy. Many women through the ages by doing this have died upon childbirth but they gave it a try in hopes that that would not happen to them for it is built into each and every woman to have a child and to continue the lineage of the human race and that of their own husbands. I myself had a miscarriage after Joseph and I got married and Jesus was born. We knew that life was a risk. So I know what that was like because I went through it and so did most women in those days of losing their children at birth or shortly afterwards. But we had to remain strong even though we gave our love to that child in our bodies and when they were born even if they lived for a short time. Of course now days that doesn’t happen as much, but it is still a dangerous thing for women as some don’t expect that there is a danger there. So God bless all mothers, women and girls, young and old for they have a duty in this world to grow, develop themselves, and possibly get married to a nice man and raise a family. I am very proud of the strides for many who have advanced themselves in their lives at work and business as women continue to grow and evolve. So spoil those girls in your life men and you’ll be celebrated too later in the year. Besides its fun to spoil somebody you love even if it’s making dinner when you don’t usually make dinner or drying dishes together or of course loving each other. For that is what women love, is to be loved and understood and valued as a part of the family. This is Mother Mary, I hope I didn’t go off the deep end too much with childbirth but we women are a special breed because we go through hell sometimes for our families but we go through it with pleasure, hope and visions for our future. God bless you all, Mother Mary speaking through Gregory with Shelina recording (p.s. Gregory could feel Mother Mary’s emotions as she spoke of childbirth so it was amazing to him to have feelings like that since he is a man. He said it was hard for him as a man to understand, but Shelina said “You men have trouble understanding women on Earth so of course you wouldn’t totally understand all the feelings a spiritual woman would share but I am very proud of you for allowing yourself to go through that so that Mother Mary can share.”)

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