When was Jesus born? April 14th!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jesus has one the biggest birthday celebration around the world called Christmas on December 25th even though he was born in the springtime, so many want to know “When was Jesus born?” After listening to and recording the messages from Jesus, Joseph and Mother Mary as they speak through and to us, Gregory and Shelina Thomas, we can now say that the true birthday of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ as he likes to be called was April 14, 4 BC.

Of course as soul aspects they aren’t always able to remember specific times but after piecing together the events told to us, looking at ancient calendars, and even using astronomy software programs to view the sky from Bethlehem on that date we were able to find the day of his birth and even how the planets lined up in a rare formation during that late afternoon or early evening of April 14, 4 BC. We are blessed to speak with Jesus, Joseph, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to record what each says so that there is a clear understanding of their lives. Much of it is different than what has been shared for Jesus was a man with a soul just as each of us has who was a great spiritual teacher, healer and prophet which means messenger.

So you ask “What when was Jesus really born?” April 14th in the late afternoon when the planets lined up. It was passover and it was springtime when baby lambs are born. So we bless our brother who loves us so and was a son of God just as we are brothers and sisters of God. Yet know that he is here speaking through Gregory as the same soul aspect who lived 2000 years ago so that he can teach us even more than he was able to share before. At that time people couldn’t understand that there was other life in the galaxy even though they talked of “sky wheels”, their name for UFOs on the caravans, or that we are all part of God through our souls. But today many are ready to awaken for more teachings about life because they want to feel even closer to the God Source, know about their soul families and learn to use the abilities which were given to their ancestors called the Kanarians first humans ever created 553 million years ago.

In 2012 there are those who are looking for Jesus to come back in the physical but his soul will not be coming back into the physical life form on Earth for a long, long time and even then he will be a different person. For each soul lives many lifetimes with many different personalities which some call reincarnation. And then after awhile he, or she, as a soul aspect will move on again. Yet by using the name of Jesus it is like a trigger for his loving healing energies to be shared with you along with the loving healing energies of your own angels and spiritual guides who are there for you. For there is no way that one soul could handle all the prayers that are sent out from this planet and there is no need for that to happen. For the God Source, which is the energy of love around the galaxy, has empowered helpers everywhere.

Wishing you a blessed ‘Christmas’ day of joy. Thank you for sharing your love. Gregory and Shelina, first soul family couple with Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

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