Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012

Love Mary Magdalene Speaking 2012 through Gregory and Shelina Thomas

Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012

Mary Magdalene Speaks 2012

When I was younger we would all come together, including neighbors at times, and we would harvest the grains and even some of the olives from the trees and of course those that partook would get some of the grain and other things like nuts, olives and other fruit to take home for themselves. So we had a certain length of time to get it in before the seasonal rains would ruin them. Then we would all get together at the end of the day in a joint gathering where all of us girls would chat and do what I guess you would call ‘gossip’ while laughing and singing songs as we made meals for the rest of the families and children that were younger. Part of tradition was to help feed others. We believed in our God Jehovah and we enjoyed our companionship with our family and friends.

There were days when we were so thankful that we had good family and friends. For in volatile times with the Romans there were many out there that wanted to fight them for they were our conquerors and we didn’t know what was going to happen. I know now that there is fear of some people saying something about 12/21/2012 being the end of the world and that people are thinking “What’s going to happen to the families and us?” That has been going on as you can see for thousands of years for no one can totally predict all the future and what’s going to happen with their prophecies and that’s what Gregory would call ‘life’.

So when things get unsure stop in meditation and prayer and realize that’s all anybody has is family and friends and be thankful for those you have in life and every breath you take. And we do not believe that there is going to be an end of the world for we are here to give you moral support if things are tough and strength to handle any hard times even though Jesus is not coming back to strike all the bad people down for our life was then and this is your life now.

Just believe that you will wake up on Christmas morning and I know that a lot of you will have bought Christmas gifts and go on with your life for life gives no guarantees and the Creator made all of us beings strong with the mind to be able to be versatile. That is one of God’s given gifts to all of humanity with the empowerment to learn to accept all no matter who they are and love all for the different cultures you have. And be compassionate to yourself and others. It does no good to be angry at your enemies just like we had the Romans who weren’t really enemies for they built many roads and new villages and brought more commerce in. So there was a plus to that too. The worst of course was taxation but everybody pays taxes. By helping your fellow man and woman they will be your friend in need for you need each other to be strong.

With love from myself Mary Magdalene speaking and Jesus my husband through Gregory and Shelina Thomas our soul family direct link spiritual messengers

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