Mother Mary Speaks on Marys Well and Water

Blessing the water everywhere from Mother Mary

Mother Mary Speaks "Bless the Water"

Shelina was telling me about this painting of a water well in Nazareth that is called Mary’s Well. I never thought I would have a well named after me. Many places around the world still get their water that way today. For us the well was a place where people went to meet with others. I rarely went by myself. I went with my sister or my girlfriends and we would hear people talk about all different things like “What’s happening?” in the small town near what you call Tiberius where my Poppa was a trader of mercantile. So I would get water for his business there but at home about a quarter mile out of town we had our own well.

In Nazareth my father had a second store which one of his cousins ran so we brought supplies in and it would take most of the day to get there. We stayed a day or two and slept upstairs where they had extra beds for us. So I’d go to that well too,that you now call Mary’s Well, for the water and there the girls would gossip off to the side laughing and joking, not too different than now days but you use your cell phones and text, and we would hear that someone was betrothed and sometimes they weren’t very good looking but at that time your families got your marriage partner for you. It happened at a young age due that we were Hebrew. So it was a place of meeting where we always took the time to talk for a few minutes. Usually there were some benches for five or six people of all ages to sit on. And sometimes the men were there, especially the elder men who sat under trees that were nearby, and sometimes the rabbi would come too and bless us all. He didn’t come for water though he came for conversation so he knew what was going on with families.

Now days you people have it easy to just turn on a faucet for water and I saw through Gregory’s eyes an advertisement on your TV where they just touch it and the water runs. We had to pull it up by hand after throwing our vessel down but some of the wells had a log going through the top that would help to wind the rope up carrying the pitcher or bucket full of water.

In those days most of the girls were thin and with the work we did we were in fairly good shape and we had as most men would say, hopefully not to embarrass you, we had ‘nice looking bodies’ and that’s of course what attracted the boys to us though we weren’t supposed to think things like that. But that’s a natural part of being a boy or a girl with the physical attraction and we always prayed may our partner be a pretty girl, kind and loving if it was a boy praying or may he be strong and viral so he that he can take care of the family if it was a girl praying.

I think everybody needs to find a place where you have to hand pump the water out of the ground once and then you will appreciate that you get the water instantaneously from the kitchen. For us we knew no different so it was always enjoyable. With this I bless you all and bless the water everywhere. Just realize that my son Jesus tried to teach you try to live in peace and take one day at a time and know that you are all connected to the God Source. God bless you all. May you visualize good health because you are all part of God, may good things come your way and remember to bless your water and wash your hands off (ha ha laughing). I love these two, Gregory and Shelina, and others very much because you are looking for answers. These two have many. Love Mary the mother of Jesus and direct link thru Gregory and Shelina

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