Mother Mary Speaks Happy Mothers Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012 from Mother Mary

Happy Mother's Day 2012 from Mother Mary

Mother Mary Speaking- This is a blessing for all the women and mothers out there including some of the fathers in now days times that have to be both father and mother. Being a mother is not an easy thing but there is a lot of love and joy and excitement as I had 2000 years ago. In those days of course it was much riskier to have a child than it is now. Thank God it is better.

Being a mother you have to sometimes hold your emotions back for the good of the children to raise them but that is a gift God gave us all for the ability to help raise children to become adults in their own rights. I, like most of you, tried my best to teach, to love, to patch up wounds and stop arguments. And for each of us in the many cultures that there are in the world that is being a mother including sometimes mothering our husbands. For no matter how old husbands and boyfriends are they have a little boy that comes out in them that they show once in awhile especially when they aren’t feeling good or having a bad day.

Most mothers want things to change where children have an equal right and food to put in their stomachs so they can grow up to choose whatever they want to do in life, where people care about what happens to the children and everyone is being treated fairly in the world. So be proud of who you are and what you are. For even out of all the books that have been written about mothering no two mothers can raise their children the same as each child is slightly different. Even my son Jesus who was an amazing young man was at times what you call now a ‘brat’ or a very curious child but also very loving and we had to protect him. We did that with love as I know all of you do with your children now days.

Take a moment and thank God that you are a woman and a mother for you are an amazing being and a part of God. I bless all of you and wish you a good day of being spoiled with your friends and family, and even though we didn’t have a Mother’s Day back then I loved it when my family spoiled me with little gifts and surprises as Joseph did with the little carvings he made for me or fresh flowers that he would pick for me. Of course Jesus and the other children brought things too especially bird feathers which they knew I liked. I put the best ones in my own private clay pot and got rid of some, but I didn’t tell the children. They were so proud to give me something so I would show them how excited and grateful I was with a hug and allow them to watch me put their feather up in my “special place”. God bless you and your families and may you all be healthy. Mary mother of Jesus speaking direct link through Gregory and Shelina

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